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American Girl had a big press release today. Five new dolls, plus the return of Felicity! Gabi, the GOTY has already been released, and new!Felicity and the contemporary characters Tenney and Logan (first boy doll) come this week. Later in the year is the one I'm most excited about- Nanea!:

1941, Hawaii. Just around the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. She has a new face mold and is absolutely beautiful. Her accessories include a lei and ukulele!

The final doll is "Z" Yang, the Z Crew doll (that's an AG tech thing). So in one year, three dolls of color. Almost makes up for the unnecessary boy doll (really, AG?) and YET ANOTHER
 WHITE GIRL. There's also the possibility of a seventh doll, a Bangladeshi-American friend of the contemporary dolls. That would make four dolls of color in one year!

Mini Leah and Mini Isabelle found some mini Valentine's Day cards!

We celebrated Sam's birthday today instead of Thursday because he had today off. I can't believe he's 25!!! And he looks so much like his dad in this photo:

I got a little "candy box" of catnip mice for Rory. He spent the rest of the day stoned!
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We can thank Sen. McConnell for this gem- he said this when he silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the hearings for now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

It's become a rallying cry for feminists. Let Liz Speak!
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American Girl has announced that most of their dolls are now going to have permanently sewn-on underpants. It's caused quite an uproar in the doll fandom, and they're calling it Pantygate. The dolls are upset, too. Here's what two of my dolls think of the news:

I'm sure the idea was to keep kids from losing the panties, but it's kind of ridiculous. And without removable underwear, we can't make our dolls moon people!
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I've lost the folder that had my passport application, birth certificate, and Social Security card in it. They can be replaced, but that doesn't change the fact that I am too stupid to live and someone should really shoot me. Stupid stupid stupid.

ETA: I think I know where it is. I hope it's where I left it. Fingers crossed.

ETA 2: They were in a pile of to-be-shredded and recycled bank statements. First basket I looked in. How it got there is beyond me, but thank God I found them. They're in a safe place in my desk where I'm not likely to mistake them for trash again. Ugh.
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Miss Emma Louise has her very own "pussyhat" ready for the next Women's March! 

Found it on Carpatina's Etsy store.

Mom is knitting these hats for herself, me, and Katie.

Also, a new project. A mini house for the tiny American Girls!

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Super Bowl 51: It looked like that the Atlanta Falcons were going to upset the New England Patriots. Somehow, they blew the 21-3 lead that they had at halftime...there was a tie and the first ever overtime in Super Bowl...and the Patriots won. UGH. 

At least Lady Gaga's halftime show was good.
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Every day now, ever since the election, the first time I see the news of the morning. (again, this is from Swear Trek, God bless them!)

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A mass shooting at a mosque last night in Quebec. Six dead, many wounded. The shooter was a white, non-Muslim, anti-immigrant who likes Donald Trump. This happened after Trump's unconstitutional executive order to ban people from predominantly Muslim countries (such as Syrian refugees) from coming to the U.S. (of course, making exceptions for Christians from those countries). Anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment is a real problem in both Canada and this country. I'm not saying the order caused this shooting, but it's just one more thing to worry about. Prime Minister Trudeau made a statement after Trump's order saying that the refugees were welcome in Canada. Apparently not, because clearly there are bigots and cowards there, too.

I was glad to see the protests at airports across the country over the weekend, and that part of the order was blocked (for now). Even some Republicans are calling Trump out on it. It's time for them to stand up and put country and the U.S. Constitution above party. Meanwhile, Trump is firing people who don't do his bidding, just like Nixon did. And remember what happened to Nixon...
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New china for the kitchen- an Alice in Wonderland pattern!

American Girl Mega Blocks! Perfect size to use as dolls for the mini dolls, and also to go with the mini table, chairs, and teacups/cake I got at Michaels.

Finally, a patio swing! 

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Sir John Hurt has died. Quite possibly one of the greatest actors that ever graced the stage, television, or screen. He never won an Oscar (nominated twice), which was a crime! 

Most recently, he was known as Ollivander the wand maker from the Harry Potter films, and as the "War Doctor" in a Doctor Who special.

He didn't mind making fun of himself, either, parodying his character from Alien in Spaceballs:

He will be missed.

2017 damage so far: Miguel Ferrer (from Crossing Jordan, one of my favorite shows), Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Hale (Perry Mason), Mike Connors (Mannix), and now John Hurt.

ETA- forgot that he played one of my ancestors, Richard Rich, in A Man for All Seasons. So I've had two of my favorite actors play my great-to-the-nth-degree-grandfather. The other was Bryan Dick in last year's Wolf Hall.

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Mary Tyler Moore has left us at age 80. RIP, and thanks for the laughs and occasional tears.

One of the funniest scenes in television history from the The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Chuckles Bites the Dust":

The whole episode:

The theme song (first season):

2017 is already shaping up to be a crap year.
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My youngest cousin, Amelia, turned 30 today. 30. Good God, I was in high school when she was born. Katie was already out of college and married by then! 

I wanted to go to the Women's March in D.C., but my anxiety means I don't do well in crowds. I had to be satisfied with watching it on T.V.! What a crowd- 500,000 estimated in D.C. alone. Roughly 4 million across the U.S., millions more worldwide. I'll try to make the next one.

Holy fuck.

Jan. 20th, 2017 01:21 pm
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I went to high school with this woman. We were in the marching band together.

Not cool, Tracy. Not cool. I despise Trump, too, but this is going too far.

So we have a new President. Trump. I refuse to say the two words together. I will only refer to him as "the President" or "Trump". 
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My computer's battery died suddenly yesterday. I'm running the laptop on AC adapter only, which is fine, but it means I can't go anywhere with it until I get a new battery.

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong. Much swearing ensued. This Chief O'Brien gif from Swear Trek (Twitter and Tumblr) sums up my day, minus the kicking. Sure felt like kicking, though.

I'm sure if Deep Space Nine had been on HBO, O'Brien would have cursed every other word. Bloody Cardassians!

An update.

Jan. 17th, 2017 12:02 pm
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So last week I had a mammogram, and there was something a bit off. I had to have a second one today. There was some calcification that could have been a problem, so they did a scan with extra magnification (which meant extra squishing- ouch!). The new scans were okay! The radiologist told me that she could tell by the shape of the spots that they were benign. Whew!

The end?

Jan. 16th, 2017 12:48 am
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Just watched The Final Problem, the last episode of Sherlock Series 4. All three episodes were great. I'll have to re-watch all three before I can do a review, but damn that last episode was a mind fuck!

I hope there will be a series 5. I know it depends on actor availability, but I don't mind waiting a couple more years. If this is the end, though, it wrapped up well.
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My iPod has restored itself! I don't know how it happened, because I haven't touched it in a week. But I was able to connect with my computer, and everything synced! I'm so happy. Now I don't have to worry about getting a new one. 

*happy dance*

I'm dog sitting Giada tomorrow. Katie is going to North Carolina for a birthday party. I wish she wouldn't go, because the weather is supposed to get NASTY.
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I had a mammogram earlier this week. Today I got a call from the imaging department. They want to do another scan of one breast because there was calcification. They want a closer look, because there's a 10-15% chance of it being cancer. Small chance, but it bugs me. Ugh.


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