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I've heard rumors about this for years, but it looks like it's really happening now. Eastern Airlines is (possibly) being revived!

This isn't just a new airline slapping on the name (like the attempted "revivals" of Pan Am), it's people from the original airline restarting the company. It will even be headquartered in Miami. I hope they plan to have the "flying blue hockey stick" logo! It's not officially happening yet, there's about a year of work to be done before it's approved.

Just for the hell of it, some classic Eastern T.V. spots!

Holy crap.

Feb. 11th, 2012 09:17 pm
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Whitney Houston is dead at age 48. What a waste. A great voice pretty much ruined by drug use. Cause of death unknown, but her health hadn't been good lately. :(

Favorite Whitney song: How Will I Know
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...but does Benedict Cumberbatch get naked in every movie or miniseries he does? :p Nice bum. Too bad we won't get to see it on Sherlock!

Sorry, just browsing through some Ben-centered YouTube channels, and really starting to appreciate this guy's talent (though I really, REALLY hated him in Atonement).  Must get my hands on the DVD of To the Ends of the Earth, at least...just for the scenes here: . Oh, my. (NSFW!!!)

Martin Freeman seems to like getting naked on screen, too. Oh, boy, does he ever. And leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I am beginning to understand all the slash fiction for Sherlock/Watson thanks to the series!

I must be better. I'm in a fangirl squee-ing mood.

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George Takei's response to that idiot in Arkansas- the one who posted crap on Facebook that basically said he was glad gay kids killed themselves.

Go George!

The thought of Mr. Sulu calling someone a douchebag cracks me up, though. Scenes from Star Trek we never got to see...:p
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Not directed at any one person in particular, just a few assholes out there in the world.
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I can't the song "Girl from Ipanema" out of my head. :p

(The original recording, with Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto)

Not a bad song to get stuck in your head, though.
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Two of my favorites! Down to the River to Pray, and Elijah Rock.

We're doing the O Brother Where Art Thou? version:

This Elijah Rock was arranged by Jester Harriston from the sitcom Amen! When my high school choir did it, I pointed that out to the director and other students- they didn't believe me!
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First Patrick Swayze died, now Laugh-In's Henry Gibson is gone at age 73. Only a year older than my dad! I thought he was in his 80's. :( He was so funny in just about everything he did.

ETA- never mind. Number three is Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul, and Mary. :(

If I Had a Hammer:

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Eddie was like this as a kitten. Actually, he's still like this!

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The censored version of Song of the Count from Sesame Street.

"I *bleep* the spiders on the wall..." ROTFLMAO!

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Thread at Trek BBS making me feel old again...80's music.

I contributed several items, I'm afraid. :o

Tarzan Boy.

Two of Hearts.

Genius of Love:
(what does Bohannon Bohannon Bohannon Bohannon mean anyway? :p )

Don't You Want Me Baby:

Yesterday was crap. This thread really cheered me up!

The power went out in my area last night- I actually heard the transformer explode. Oh noes! It was out for six hours. I almost overslept and was late for church- the bell choir rang this morning. I was awful. I sang really well later, though!

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I've been looking for Special Bulletin for ages...and Google Video has it!

A blast from the past. Pun not intended! :p

If I wanted to be cruel, I could post the link to Threads, too...but I don't want to cause any nightmares.

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And just to cheer up TerriO, who has a certain visitor across the street from her today:

There. Print that off and stick it in a window. Maybe she'll see it. :p

Hey, I'm not the one who gave Palin the Pit Bull nickname. And besides, Hillary got called worse.

And finally:

It's scary, isn't it? :(

And finally:

You've been Barack-rolled!
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Another disco hit that makes me feel old- Romeo and Juliet. This one is long...

And yikes- Cherchez La Femme by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band.

Oh, boy do I remember this stuff.

*is embarrassed because I really do like this stuff...*
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It's one a.m., and I can't sleep.

Dreading my birthday on Saturday. I'm another year closer to 40. *eek*

Had fun looking through You Tube clips today...but found stuff that made me feel old. I put them here:

If anyone else on my f-list remembers this stuff, I won't feel so old after all! :p
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I feel so damn old. This is a real blast from the past...

Meco- Disco Star Wars!

And Disco Close Encounters!

I haven't heard either in years!

I love You Tube...

Yes, I am truly a child of the 70's!!!

And more disco...

Fly Robin Fly!

T.S.O.P! (The Sound of Philadelphia)

Lady Marmalade!
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Bryan Dick may not have been on the screen for a while, but it's good to know he's been on the stage...

Ew. I don't like him with a beard. At. All. Shaggy hair is good, shaggy beard is no, no, no!!!!

And, yes, q, I know Sold probably sucked, but I still want to see it. Meanwhile, I did find Bryan-centered clips from it on You Tube....

So damn cute...

There. I haven't had a fangirl moment in ages. I feel better now.
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Probably my favorite skit to come out of the Muppet Show: Rowlf and Sam the Eagle sing "Tit-Willow".

I love You Tube...

More...Muppet Balls!


Lydia the Tattooed Lady:

EMH's thread about Muppets at TrekBBS had me searching for my favorites...


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