May. 14th, 2013 11:30 pm
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I'm a "mean girl" at the Jeremy Renner board at Just because I don't think Jeremy is a perfect human being. Please. I've never met the man, but I can still see he's got flaws just like anyone else. I don't see him as this saintly prince that some of those girls do.

I hope his career isn't about to stall. It's sounding as if he's not going to be a part of either The Avengers 2 or Mission: Impossible 5. If that's true, I'm not going to see either of them.
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Every time I look, there's a new mark on my arm! What gives?

 photo silenceday_zps7176eff9.jpg

:p Happy Impossible Astronaut Day, my fellow Whovians!


Apr. 5th, 2013 12:19 pm
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Another shot of Jeremy Renner on the set of ABSCAM project, with Elisabeth Röhm, who plays his wife. What is up with her hair? It's worse than the rest of the hairstyles! And yikes, I know Jeremy isn't that tall, but she towers over him. I hope she's wearing very high heels!

 photo renni2_zps1796fe65.jpg

I cannot wait for this movie. Even if it turns out to be boring, it will be worth it just for the hair and costumes. I've said that before, haven't I?

ETA- Cruella DeVil. That's what I think when I see Elisabeth's hair. LOL!
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The view from my bedroom window this morning. Bite me, snow!

 photo snowmarch25_zpsb2581620.jpg

These charms I made last night of Mockingbird sum up my feelings on the weather, choir, family drama, etc...

 photo arghcharms_zpse6451339.jpg

The ex-Mrs. Hawkeye knows what she's talking about. :p
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Quantico has been doing live fire, ammunition training, and demolitions today and will do more tomorrow and Saturday. The whole neighborhood was shaking. I thought we were having another earthquake...I'm just glad I don't live closer to the base. If I get rattled by the noise and shaking from 17 miles away, I'd hate to think about what it would feel like a mile away! Ouch. It's been going on all week, but it's only been bad today. I didn't even know about it until I read the paper this morning.

Rory is hiding under my bed. He hates noise and shaking. Poor kitty. No wonder he's been upset. He must have noticed the goings-on at Quantico even when I couldn't. Cats can sense things more than humans, after all. The tiniest boom at Quantico will have him running to hide.
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I couldn't get my right contact lens out today. It took several tries over two hours. It finally popped out on its own...and that's when I realized that I'd put it in inside out! How the hell did I not notice that? I could see perfectly fine. My eye is now sore. It's taking me a long time to get used to wearing lenses again.

I ended up with a mini-migraine. I had to skip bell practice...not that I care much anymore. Sad, but true. I'm getting bored, and fed up with the people who constantly miss practice (this is the first time I've missed in THREE YEARS).

The choir was good today. We sang Wondrous Love, and the congregation loved it. The arrangement we did is out of print, and I can't find anything about the writer online. My Google-fu failed me. I'd love to find a recording of it somewhere.


Jun. 18th, 2012 11:49 pm
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Watched A Little Trip to Heaven tonight. Terrible movie. Even Jeremy Renner was awful. And he looked bad, too. Like a total sleaze, which his character was.

To get the images of sleazy Jeremy out of my head, here's a brief picspam:
Read more... )
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Otherwise known as Choir Practice with the Praise Team. We're doing a special concert next week (a benefit for the Haitian orphanage our church supports)...and half the music is Praise Team stuff that their leader wrote. It's crap as usual. Nothing but wailing and bad guitar chords. I had a headache before the rehearsal was over!

We're doing some wonderful music, but we'll be drowned out by the Praise people. And the choir director thinks it's all wonderful and that we should work together more often. In other words, no traditional music whenever we have to share the service music with them. Our director is going deaf, I swear to God.

I really wanted to leave the choir room. I was almost in tears when I got home. I have to keep saying to myself, "It's for a good cause, it's for a good cause, it's for a good cause...we're singing for God, not for the Praise Team." If the director plans another joint concert, I will tell him I won't be singing in it.

Some of the Praise singers are actually good...too bad no one can hear them over the noise.

Oh, nice.

Sep. 21st, 2011 11:46 am
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The CU/CSU rivalry is getting lame (never mind that the REAL rivalry is CSU v. Wyoming).

Nice shirt.

There's a pro-CU shirt with the mascots reversed. Funny, but icky, too.

Rocky Mountain Showdown seems to be dying off, anyway...

The Rams lost. Boo. But 2-1 isn't a bad way to start the season.
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BBC has put out three new spoilery pics. The first one pretty much confirms the rumors I've heard. Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled. OMGOMG WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Tomorrow night, much will be revealed, but WTF????

Um, lj?

Jan. 15th, 2011 01:15 pm
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Why am I getting spam comments on entries from last year? I just got another one today...weird.
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This one isn't filtered because it isn't TMI, it's just weird. I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday and cried for no reason for about five minutes! Then I was absolutely upbeat today, like nothing was wrong at all. I wonder if I just had a very sad dream (it's been known to happen) or if my hormones are out of whack (ditto). I really hope it's not the Effexor telling me I need a higher dosage. It's just such a weird feeling...

Oh, yuck.

Feb. 14th, 2010 09:38 pm
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Explains a lot, doesn't it?
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Bitch answered a girl's question about rape by basically telling her it was her own fault. What a judgemental cow.

The sad thing is, this isn't the first time she's given this crap "advice". Guess what girls, it's never the rapist's fault. It's ALL on us. We're all sluts who wear suggestive clothing and get drunk.

She has a pattern of this "blame the victim" crap in her columns. I hope newspaper editors everywhere wise up and drop her.
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If shit like this keeps going on, I really fear for our country.

Car dealership owner in Colorado puts up an anti Obama billboard comparing him to a jihadist and demanding to see his birth certificate:

When this fool loses business because of this billboard, I bet he goes running to the government for a bailout.

Oh, and these "Pray for Obama" T-shirts (and bumper stickers) are even more disgusting:

On the shirt it says Pray for Obama, and underneath that, Psalm 109:8. This is what that Psalm says: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” That's only part of it. It also mentions "let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow" Do people THINK about what they're reading?

Anyone who buys and wears one of these shirts is essentially hoping the President will be assassinated, or at least incapacitated.

Thankfully, the shirts have been taken down.

Freedom of speech does not cover slander, or threats (even thinly veiled threats) against someone.

Holy shit.

Nov. 5th, 2009 04:41 pm
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A mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. A freaking ARMY base. What the hell is going on there? Soldiers going nuts or terrorists?

Nine dead, upwards of 20 injured, and more than one shooter. One shooter in custody.

Um, lj?

Oct. 22nd, 2009 08:43 pm
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I just made a big screencap filled post for [ profile] bryan_dick_fans...and lj only posted the first two words. What the hell happened to my post?

I'll have to try again later...

ETA: Second attempt was a success, and I was able to share cute pics like this one:


*resists urge to pet screen*

Ah, fangirl moments. They've been few and far between lately...

I'm just about packed for New York. Kira and Eddie are bathed (well, I only needed to bathe Kira), brushed, and ready to be boarded. Kira's been acting funny this week, but she was fine today. Eddie, OTOH, was crying like a baby today. He must know I'm going away for a week!

One more day until my trip! Yay! My plans so far- Wicked is on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday we're going to the Musuem of Modern Art, and then lunch in Chinatown. Not sure what the plans for Tuesday and Friday are, but we'll visit friends and do some shopping. I hope to stop by FAO Schwarz and American Girl Place. :)

I'm excited about this trip, can you tell? :) :)
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Reading Rainbow is going off the air after 26 years of encouraging kids to like reading, rather than just having to read. Now the reading shows on T.V. are going to focus on how. There are schools for that. Kids need to WANT to read.

This truly, truly sucks. I honestly thought it would go on until LeVar Burton kicked the bucket (hopefully not for a few more decades!).

This library volunteer/ex-library clerk/daughter of a librarian is very sad and disappointed today.

It was the third longest running PBS kids' show...after Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. Wow. 

Thanks, LeVar. You made a lot of kids want to read.
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Oh, Nationals. *shakes head sadly* Trading Johnson to the Marlins for what exactly? :( This team is going to get worse and worse.

I'm going to the Nats/Rockies game on August 20. Think I'll wear my Rockies cap this time. :p


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