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I just got new spring outfits for Kit and Ruthie, so I took them into the garden to pose them with the daffodils.

There's going to be a cold snap this weekend with possible snow, so I thought I'd better get the photos while I still could...

One more doll. Mini Tenney arrived. I gave her a little guitar.

She's very cute, but I still have no interest in the big doll or her collection (or her boy companion).

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First tulip!

More are popping up. The daffodils have kind of exploded everywhere, too! I'll have to take more photos soon. It's supposed to get cold this weekend. Hopefully that will be the last cold snap of the year!

I'm working on a mini garden shed for the Shelf Avengers. It's almost done:

There's also a gazebo and bench. Hawkeye and Black Widow like it.
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First daffodils!

It's been really nice out. It was almost 80 degrees two days in a row!
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Thunderstorms. And tornadoes. I spent two hours in the basement hiding. The tornado warning lasted that long! It's April weather in February. Ugh! Nothing hit me, but funnel clouds were spotted near the county courthouse. And three people were killed just north of Richmond. I'm not looking forward to May and June, when the storms really kick in.

It got ugly out today:

It was a lot darker than the photos show. There was terrible wind, thunder, and lightning. A lot of rain, too. I was sure a small tornado just missed my neighborhood (but there was no tornado!). Rory spent the afternoon under the sofa. Poor kitty.
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We got about six inches yesterday. But the good news is, it almost all melted by this afternoon!

Got some nice photos, though. I put the gingerbread house from Christmas out for the birds, and it got covered with snow.

And I took Emma Louise out in her cute coat.

It was pretty out there.

Mom and I went to see Buddy- the Buddy Holly Story at the Riverside Theater. It was a fun show. We both really enjoyed it.

Got some cute stuff for Valentine's Day. Katie got me these cute Star Wars plushies:

And Mom and Dad gave me this set for my doll collection:

The cake stand is too cute! I can't wait to do a spring display for the dolls.

I've ordered a beautiful pink 50's style lace dress for Maryellen, which Emma Louise will borrow for Easter. :p

Comics talk- the solicitations for May from Marvel are out, and Hawkeye was missing. Black Knight is gone, must they take Hawkeye, too? I hope it's just a break. Meanwhile, the title of Black Knight's trade paperback is "The Fall of Dane Whitman". I hope that's not a hint about his fate. Of course, it's already been hinted that he'll be around.
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Well, maybe not because most of it's melted. But Emma Louise has a new winter outfit!

The Target Our Generation outfits are a nice, inexpensive alternative to American Girl stuff.

Almost back to normal here. Roads are clear, and I've been out shopping and whatever else needed doing. I went to choir practice for the first time since Christmas Eve. I can't believe Ash Wednesday is only two weeks away!
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It was like Narnia out there. The storm is finally over, and we got about two feet of snow. It's already starting to melt, and some kind soul plowed all the driveways in my neighborhood (city already did the streets). So I can get out tomorrow! Church was closed today. No services, no rehearsals. As if anyone was going to show up anyway!

Fredericksburg got lucky. No major power outages, one roof collapse (no one injured). My lights didn't even flicker.

We did have blizzard conditions, but the wind wasn't too bad.

Once it was over, I had a little bit of fun with my mini dolls. Grace and Saige went sledding, built snowmen, and made snow angels.

Well, they tried!

The birds and a neighbor's dog made their mark on the snow:

It wasn't the worst snowstorm I've been through (having lived in South Dakota, I know bad blizzards!), it was just a lot of snow and wind. D.C. got it pretty bad. New York looked awful. And I have to remind myself that it's only January...but at least the first snow will melt before the next storm hits.

Rory did not like the snow. He looked out the window and glared at it. He thought we were being attacked! Silly kitty.
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Big snowstorm headed my way. Starting Friday and through Saturday, we're supposed to get over a foot of the white stuff, with possible blizzard conditions. Here comes the Snowpocalpyse!

Tonight there was a taste of what's coming- about an inch of snow has fallen, and the roads were too icy to drive on. I had to miss choir. And if the storm is going to be as big as predicted, I probably won't get to church on Sunday!

My poor azaleas...

I found some mini AG sized furniture for the tea room! Perfect size. I also picked some mini trees as decorations. Now I just need to paint the damned thing and find a rug!

So adorable.

And just right for the girls!

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All of my American Girls in their original "Meet" outfits! Fifteen dolls in all, and will be joined by a new girl, Melody, this summer! (And Rebecca at Christmas if she's the doll being "archived")

Found this cute bookcase at Hancock Fabric last made Emily a bit homesick!

We had our first significant snow of the season in Fredericksburg today. It was fluffy, pretty snow that didn't stick to the ground for long. A bigger snowstorm is coming next week.
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Oh my God, the choir loft was so unbearably hot. If the windows hadn't been open, and one singer hadn't brought in a couple of fans, we all would have passed out! The congregation was overheated, too.

The weather has been ridiculous this Christmas! It was very warm and rainy Christmas Day, too.

The Christmas Eve service went pretty well, though someone forgot to give the choir candles. When it came time for the Candlelighting and Silent Night, the choir was left in the dark. It was terrible. We couldn't see our music, and the choir loft lights were never turned back on- so we couldn't see our music for Joy to the World, either! Argh. The Candlelighting is my favorite part of the service, and we missed it. :( Otherwise, it was a lovely evening.

This has been on display in the welcome center all throught the season:

Katie took this photo after church last night- a halo around a full moon! Despite the clouds, we got a good view.

Sam brought his cat, Truman, with him because he's staying with his mom and dad while he has time off. Truman is a great cat. Big, soft, and sweet. Rory did not like him, and hid. Truman stayed in his carrier most of the night. A very well behaved boy!

He loves his "dad", Sam!

He's not sure about his "grandma", Katie!

I made two special treats for the Christmas Eve dinner- mushrooms in puff pastry and a chocolate/marzipan truffle cake. The cake broke into three pieces, but I repaired it with extra ganache!

As usual, dinner involved lobsters and shrimp. Yum.

I'll post Christmas photos tomorrow. I'm still exhausted from last night!
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This time at a community college in Oregon. 13 dead (so far), 20 injured. Will it never end? Of course not- nothing changed after 20 kids were murdered at Sandy Hook. Why should it change after a college campus shooting?

The only good news today is the Hurricane Joaquin may miss me. Still going to get a fuckton of rain, but at least there won't be killer winds.

Oh, boy.

Sep. 30th, 2015 11:59 pm
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Hurricane Joaquin is expected to become a Category 3 storm, and it's headed my way...

The Hurricane Joaquin Phoenix jokes are coming as fast as the storm is. :p Like this from the Huffington Post:


Seriously, though, this is going to be a bad storm. My church's picnic on Sunday has already been cancelled! And there's talk of delaying the Redskins/Eagles game. The way the Redskins are playing, the hurricane would probably help them.
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First daffodil!

A Hawk(eye) and Mockingbird in the bird feeder!

Waiting for tulips...

Wait a minute- there's ice on our "pond". What gives? This is spring! :(

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Here is a cute, sad-looking Hawkeye surrounded by other Hawkeyes.

 photo finishedsadhawkeye2_zps9eaf98e7.jpg

I may make him into a doll.

Sick of the fucking snow. I really am. This is the fourth time since January that I've been snowed in!

House sitting for Katie this week. She and Paul are taking a "Bourbon Tour" in Kentucky. Kind of like their winery tours that they're so fond of. Paul is feeling okay, well enough to travel, despite some setbacks that I'll detail later.

Sam has a great part time job! He's working for Richmond's NBC affiliate, doing graphics work (the breaking news, weather, traffic headers, etc.). He has to start very, very early in the morning, and he still has a bunch of classes, but it's a great gig and will get his foot in the door for future work.

The Ash Wednesday service was tonight- and I am mad as hell. The pastor decided to ditch the half the music the choir worked on in favor of the Praise Team leader's horrible music. The second half of the service was just terrible. I wanted to cry. We worked so hard and got slapped in the face. I was really liking the new pastor until tonight...
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I spent a good part of the day shoveling snow. I managed to sprain my bad ankle, so now I'm in pain and can't walk much. Oh, joy. And it snowed again today! Ugh.

Went to see Gypsy at the Riverside Theater. It was awesome. I've never even seen the movie, though I knew some of the music.

I made a card from a template found on Tumblr:

 photo vday20141_zps8baee0ef.jpg

And Clint and Tasha had a little fun, too:

 photo vday20143_zpsb9790b93.jpg

 photo vday20145_zpse529554a.jpg
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My town got about 8 inches. Ugh. Clint and Tasha had some fun, though:

 photo snowday4_zpsc4cf5f07.jpg

I'm not doing the AMC Theaters Oscar Showcase this year at all. I've already seen 7 of the 9 films, and it's not worth the money for the two I haven't seen! I saw Dallas Buyers Club and Nebraska in the last week. Both were great. I missed Her and Wolf of Wall Street, but I'll catch them on DVD later. Non-Oscar films- I saw Monuments Men on Sunday and loved it! Planning to see The Lego Movie later this month- I want to wait until the crowds go down. Then there's nothing I want to see until Muppets Most Wanted and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
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 photo sherlockfinished_zps72db99cd.jpg

Took me a week. Not sure what to stitch next.

I'm sort of snowed in. There wasn't as much snow as expected, but everything was pretty much shut down anyway. The church was supposed to host an ecumenical service tonight, but of course it was cancelled. The choir was going to sing with a few other choirs. Boo. :( They probably won't reschedule. Choir might not even have practice tomorrow because of the extreme cold.
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The little ones have a sled!

 photo clintashasled_zpsdf3d21b8.jpg

We were supposed to get 5-6 inches. We got...half an inch. Already mostly gone. Schools were cancelled, and the kids didn't even have enough snow for a snowman.


Sep. 21st, 2013 11:12 pm
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I'm pleasantly surprised by the score. Colorado State did not get totally massacred! Well fought, Rams. You faced Alabama's Crimson Tide and lost...but your dignity is intact. I was afraid the score would be much higher...I was half expecting something like 52-14. LOL.

Yep, Nats game postponed. D.C. is getting soaked.


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