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The sweater and leggings are from the new Meet accessory pack, the mesh skirt is also new. 

The new Meet outfit is gorgeous, but it's not available separately yet. 

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First off, Gabby has arrived! She's adorable.

Meeting the other modern girls.

Mini gumball machine!

Mother's Day cake- Coconut lime mojito. It was delicious! And Mom loved it.

Flowers from the installation reception at church.

Ingleside Plantation wine tasting. I went with Katie.

The lilies are arriving early this year.

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Tiny Gabriela has arrived. She is so stinking cute. I can't wait to get the full sized doll.

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Coco is more or less fixed. The band I used is a little loose, so I need to tighten it. But she's in one piece! Next, I have to clean her outfit and fix her hair.

I did a little spring playtime shoot with Melody. She walked her little dog, climbed a dogwood tree, and blew dandelion seeds.

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Look at my poor Coco doll! She's literally been loved to pieces. :p Of course a twenty-year-old doll is going to have her rubber band break. Poor thing needs major surgery and clean up!

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Jess exploring Katie's backyard and old barn.

Easter at St. Paul's:

Extra mini Lea doll in a special outfit/display. I may keep the outfit and sell the base and doll.



Mar. 27th, 2017 01:21 am
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I am still awake because I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. I'm having a cystoscopy. It's not going to be fun. This is just a last test to rule out anything not seen in my kidney/abdomen ultrasounds and CT scans. Hopefully I'll get good results.

To cheer myself up, I'm going to do a bit of shopping before I check in (the medical center is right behind Jo Ann Fabric and Kohl's). Later in the week I'm picking up my new dress for Easter!

A more cheerful note- new doll outfits! Rebecca has a new spring dress, Melody gets a play outfit, and Maryellen is dressed up like a majorette! (The majorette outfit is Our Generation, but it suits ME and Melody so well!)


I can't get over how freaking cute Maryellen is! I got the outfit because it reminds me of photos of Aunt Pauletta in her majorette outfit.

I also put together a little bookcase for the mini dolls:

Not much else going on. I went to the Casino Night sponsored by Mom's Rotary club, and it was okay. I got to dress up, at least! And Katie took me to a mini wine tasting- five samples for free when she picked up her wine order. She's determined to turn me into a wine lover. I have photos from both events that I'll post later.

I'm house sitting for Katie twice before Easter, which will give me time to cross stitch. Sarah's new baby girl is due in May, and I need to get cracking on her birth sampler!

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I just got new spring outfits for Kit and Ruthie, so I took them into the garden to pose them with the daffodils.

There's going to be a cold snap this weekend with possible snow, so I thought I'd better get the photos while I still could...

One more doll. Mini Tenney arrived. I gave her a little guitar.

She's very cute, but I still have no interest in the big doll or her collection (or her boy companion).

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My Atlanta trip isn't until June, but I found a perfect doll luggage set for whichever doll goes with me!

Jess models the set.

The mid sized bag has little toiletries!

Dolly toothbrush and nail clippers. LOL!

The suitcase is big enough for an extra outfit, pajamas, slippers, shoes, and even a little doll. The neck pillow from the set fits in there, too!

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American Girl had a big press release today. Five new dolls, plus the return of Felicity! Gabi, the GOTY has already been released, and new!Felicity and the contemporary characters Tenney and Logan (first boy doll) come this week. Later in the year is the one I'm most excited about- Nanea!:

1941, Hawaii. Just around the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. She has a new face mold and is absolutely beautiful. Her accessories include a lei and ukulele!

The final doll is "Z" Yang, the Z Crew doll (that's an AG tech thing). So in one year, three dolls of color. Almost makes up for the unnecessary boy doll (really, AG?) and YET ANOTHER
 WHITE GIRL. There's also the possibility of a seventh doll, a Bangladeshi-American friend of the contemporary dolls. That would make four dolls of color in one year!

Mini Leah and Mini Isabelle found some mini Valentine's Day cards!

We celebrated Sam's birthday today instead of Thursday because he had today off. I can't believe he's 25!!! And he looks so much like his dad in this photo:

I got a little "candy box" of catnip mice for Rory. He spent the rest of the day stoned!
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We can thank Sen. McConnell for this gem- he said this when he silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the hearings for now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

It's become a rallying cry for feminists. Let Liz Speak!
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American Girl has announced that most of their dolls are now going to have permanently sewn-on underpants. It's caused quite an uproar in the doll fandom, and they're calling it Pantygate. The dolls are upset, too. Here's what two of my dolls think of the news:

I'm sure the idea was to keep kids from losing the panties, but it's kind of ridiculous. And without removable underwear, we can't make our dolls moon people!

Play ball!

Sep. 20th, 2012 10:31 pm
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Rory is going to hate the Nats now. :p If his ears weren't so big, the cap would actually fit him!


Tasha and Clint will have the best seats in the house if (when) the Nats make the playoffs!


"I don't see the resemblance." Hawkeye inspects the teavenger-designed Hawkeye cross stitch.



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