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Game was a little boring last night, but I always have fun at Nationals Park!

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Yay! I posted my photo of my finished companions, and the designer confirmed that she's going to do a Torchwood chart! I can't wait.

I lied. I'm not going to stitch something non-fandom next. I'm going to tackle Star Wars.

Liking the baseball season so far. Nats in first place. Mets aren't doing too horribly. I hope this keeps up!


Sep. 9th, 2011 11:48 pm
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The ending of Miracle Day didn't suck, but I could see that final bit at the end coming from a mile away!

Les spoilers under le cut.

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Britty Kitty from Just Cross Stitch's Halloween issue!


I can't believe it's September and I've done so little stitching.

My room is being overrun by little dolls! Six more dolls arrived this past week (not all at once!). Three more, and I will have all of the mini American Girls.


I'm watching the final episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I hope it makes up for the crappy stuff. I definitely won't buy the DVD. So disappointing. :( But I stuck with it because it's still Torchwood...
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Couple of Torchwood and Who thoughts under the cut, with spoilers, sweetie.

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Mom's headed for the Bahamas. We had to pick up Aunt Pauletta at BWI and then dropped them off at their hotel. Dad got us to the airport an hour and a half early, so we had coffee and spent time in the observation lounge, which had a little air travel museum complete with pieces of an old 737. I forgot how small airplanes are inside- seeing a section of the cabin with its four seats and tiny row made me a bit claustrophobic! It was fun to watch planes take off and land. I'd love to fly again someday.

Rory is growing so fast. I swear he's put on another half pound since his vet visit last week, but he's not getting fat. He's getting long and tall, and a lot of the length is his tail! He is such a great kitten.
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In between the monologue and the first commercial break, the Tonight Show band started playing "All the Small Things"! Naturally, I didn't think about the original Blink-182 song, but the BBC series. :p Oh, I loved that show.

Speaking of British television, I'm just about caught up with Doctor Who. Yeah, yeah, I'm a year late. I just couldn't let go of Ten (David Tennant's "I don't want to go" in End of Time had me bawling my eyes out), but Eleven grew on me FAST. I am so looking forward to the new series! Matt Smith is oddly adorable. And I still think he looks like a tall version of Bryan Dick.

Not looking forward to the new Torchwood at all. The more I hear about it, the more I want to avoid it.

Somehow I've lost my Gwen Cooper action figure. She fell off my dresser, probably behind it. I guess the Weevils got her. :p
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Turning 39 (for the first time, ha ha ha)- fail. Getting a 160 GB iPod as a surprise present from Mom and Dad- total WIN! I'm going to have so much fun putting music and videos on it...

Shiny new toys- I love them.

Good haul this year- make-up goodies from Ulta, a Mets T-shirt, jewelry making books and supplies...Katie gave me some cute jewelry from Charming Charlie, and Sam gave me a Virginia Commonwealth University tee. Last but not least...I sure can't afford the Robert Tonner Torchwood dolls, but I'll happily settle for the 5-inch action figures. Jack and Gwen now live near my television. :)

I'll ask for Ianto and Tosh for Christmas...don't know if they ever made Owen. If they ever come out with an Adam figure, I'll be first in line to buy him. :p

It was a nice birthday- dinner at a great Japanese restaurant and then an ice cream cake.
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The Robert Tonner Torchwood and Doctor Who dolls were announced a couple of years ago, but they're just now being released. I would buy Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper for sure! If I were still a Tonner dealer I could get them wholesale...

The Who dolls are Ten and Martha Jones. The Ten doll really does look like David Tennant!

Tonner has a Firefly collection, too, but only Malcolm and Inara were made, and Inara is already sold out.

He also finally did a Lord of the Rings collection. Just Arwen and Aragorn, I think. No new Harry Potter dolls. He never made a Neville doll. :(

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This post from "My Motivation is This" (warning, contains John Barrowman's bare butt):

Most of the COE motivators are good.


I like the "Cruelty" one...yup, RTD riped a lot of hearts out. But I'll be watching whatever form Series Four turns out to be.
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Not sure who originally made it, but it keeps popping up in TNZ at TrekBBS. Usually to make fun of the more rabid homophobic posters.
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I watched it yesterday in one long sitting, minus a one hour break for Law and Order: Criminal Intent (which I shouldn't have bothered with last night, ugh). Wow. That was amazing television.

A few of my thoughts behind the cut for the few TW fans who haven't seen it yet:

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Why didn't I know this was available??? The Adipose from Partners in Crime. In plush form. So cute!

Guess what I just put on my amazon wish list. :p

Actually, I put a ton of stuff on today- Mom will roll her eyes at some of it (Jack and Gwen Torchwood action figures), but some of it she wants too, for a Mother's Day present- Star Trek Scene It! and Star Trek Monopoly, and Star Trek Scrabble! I'll probably get her the Scrabble game. Mother's Day and my birthday are going to be fun. :p

I really can't wait for Star Trek next Friday. I hope I can see it the first night. I would be a bad Trekkie if I didn't try to get in.

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No pictures yet...But Tonner Doll Company is coming out with a line of Doctor Who and Torchwood Dolls! So far, it's just Ten and Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper.

Tonner dolls are expensive, but worth every penny. I used to sell the dolls (the now defunct Mary Englebreit line), and I've even met Robert Tonner, the designer.

I'd be willing to shell out $200 for a Captain Jack doll! Alas, no word on Ianto, Owen, or Tosh. And no Rose Tyler, either. But I'm sure q will say that's a GOOD thing. :p

Funny that Tonner is doing Torchwood and Who, though. The Harry Potter line was no surprise (though I'm still waiting for Neville Longbottom!), and he usually goes for costume-heavy movies like Titanic, Gone With the Wind, Memoirs of a Geisha, Chicago, and Dreamgirls. I wish he'd do  Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars lines.

This is making me think I should renew my account and sell sci-fi/fantasy related dolls. Though most of the Potter dolls are FAO Schwartz exclusives.

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Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Your Result: Toshiko Sato

You most resemble the team's sweet, unassuming technician. Brilliant, but insecure and lonely, you yearn for companionship but haven't got the courage to reach out to form deeper friendships, but you will sacrifice yourself for those you care about without hesitation. You give your heart away easily but are steady in your affections, and are often hurt by others who don't notice.

Ianto Jones
Gwen Cooper
Owen Harper
Captain Jack Harkness
Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Yeah, that's about right.


Oct. 13th, 2008 07:41 pm
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I picked up the Torchwood Series Two DVD over the weekend. Haven't had time to watch, really, but of course I had to peek at the Declassified episode for "Adam". So I got my Bryan Dick fix for the week...*KM is really missing Wee Blythe, can you tell?* Next time I have a day all to myself, I'll watch every episode (with extra tissues on hand for Exit Wounds).

Mom's birthday was Friday, so we took her to our favorite Lebanese restaurant. As always, everyone ate too much. But the food is just too damn good there! I had some leftovers. The wait staff kept bringing fresh pita bread (the best EVER), and there was too much left to leave.

Mom loved her necklace and cross stitch picture. She's really going to be surprised by her Christmas presents! :D
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That's all I need, another fandom! *laughs* I had a whole night of Doctor Who and Torchwood! That was fun. First it was Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and Last of the Timelords. Whee! So much fun. I admit to not having a huge knowledge of Who-lore, but I got enough to enjoy everything.The Master was so evil! And I actually like Martha, and won't mind if she really does end up on Torchwood. I finally understand that "Tinkerbell Jesus" thing about the Doctor now. Hee! I thought for a moment that Martha had told everyone "If you believe in the Doctor, clap your hands!" That seemed like a too-easy way to break The Master's hold on the world. I just love David Tennant. It was fun watching Jack with the Doctor, too.

Q, you've gotten me hooked on yet another show. I've even added a shiny new Doctor Who tag! :p I still haven't watched my tape of Voyage of the Damned. I'll make sure to check out the seasons I missed. I did watch older Who (and Red Dwarf, too...) in college with was a fun show to get drunk to. :p

I watched Fragments and Exit Wounds again. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I cried again. :(
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Just got back from seeing Leatherheads. That was a funny, cute movie! I can't believe I ever disliked George Clooney. Now I think he's just awesome...

Some other thoughts behind a cut as they may contain spoilers (for those who haven't seen the last two Torchwood episodes)...

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From Fragments, mostly. Two pages of 'em, starting at this link.

Got home really late from the bell festival last night...and I forgot to tape Doctor Who (yes, I'm starting to like Who too) and Torchwood. Oops. Thank God they repeat next week!

Medicine is already making me sick. Hope I adjust to it soon...I'm only taking a quarter of the dose I'm going to end up with!
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My take on Exit Wounds, with some screen caps by [profile] invaderwitch and [personal profile] marishna . (thanks so much!)


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