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Mom's Stargazer lilies are blooming. They're my favorite.

The cleomes are up, too!

Suddenly, wild blackberries appear!

A little Black Widow bobblehead joined my Hawkeye display. Hawkeye bobblehead is pleased!

Finally, some of the Shelf Avengers got together to celebrate the Fourth of July and Captain America's birthday with a little barbecue!

Didn't do much over the holiday weekend, just a cookout with Mom, Dad, Katie, and Paul. Nice little get-together. Some neighbors set off fireworks, though, and terrified the poor cat.
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He's so cuddly!

There's a whole bunch of these from Age of Ultron. I've put Black Widow, Captain America, and Vision on my amazon wishlist. :p
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I got two goodies in the mail today- the mini Funko Hawkeye bobblehead, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. set with Coulson, Hill, and Fury.

Hawkeye and Black Widow are very happy to see Phil alive!

Rage of Ultron was a good read. One massive change for Hank Pym that I have no idea how it will fit into continuity, but it's very interesting. Also, Starfox! He's pretty important to the story. I hope this means we'll see more of him. According to the editor, this takes place after all the Secret Wars and Battleworld stuff that's happening this summer.

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OMG OMG OMG. Someone leaked it, and then Marvel went ahead and released it for real. It looks awesome. I haven't been this excited for a sequel since The Return of the King!

The Shelf Avengers and Nick Fury react to the trailer.

AofU trailer reaction


Aug. 23rd, 2014 11:36 pm
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Poor Dane.

 photo bucket_zps05340e8e.jpg

My mom actually did the ALS ice bucket challenge today, and also made a donation.

ETA: I spelled challenge wrong in the picture. Ugh.
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Oh, Dane. You really need to watch what you say around the other guys- some of them think they're still twelve.

 photo blade1_zps82e7782f.jpg photo blade2_zps8607a3e9.jpg

 photo blade3_zpsdfcd1600.jpg

Meanwhile, I ordered this nail polish for myself. It's a cool glittery black...and it's called The Black Knight. Hee! (that's NOT why I bought it.)

 photo 81werHnMUuL_SL1500__zps6f99e1ac.jpg photo 71I595-8HfL_SL1059__zpsbd1235c9.jpg
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Nick Fury reads his favorite bedtime story to them.

 photo gotheftosleep2_zps5323c21f.jpg
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I got a Black Knight figure! So I decided to have him re-enact a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Captain Britain as King Arthur. 'Cause, you know, the crazy knight is also called the Black Knight...

 photo bknight2_zpsc1516863.jpg photo bknight3_zpsf14a3da2.jpg

 photo bknight4_zpsd606c137.jpg photo bknight5_zps9316a46c.jpg

 photo bknight6_zpsfdfc4321.jpg

Bonus- Lockheed won't bother Pete anymore...he has new friends to play with, little Clint and little Tasha!

 photo petdragon_zpse9d46eb8.jpg
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The adventures of Tiny!Pete's arrival and some Easter stuff behind the cut.
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Coulson has arrived! Clint and Tasha are very happy to see him!

 photo coulson1_zpsedd06379.jpg


 photo coulson2_zps414a2fba.jpg

And a comics squee- the preview for Nightcrawler #2. BABY KURT. OMG look at his itty bitty tail!

 photo bbnightcrawler2_zps35d91e66.jpg
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The Funko Pop! Black Widow. She fits in nicely with my other Black Widow and Hawkeye figures.

 photo poptashameetsclint1_zps34d87826.jpg

 photo poptashameetsclint2_zps7c2a2d8b.jpg

Having no luck whatsoever in finding the Winter Soldier six inch Black Widow figure. :( But I do have the Funko Pop! Coulson coming soon!
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Hawkeye thought it would be funny to welcome Captain Britain with something from home..."CLINT!" "What?" Meanwhile, Brian runs for his life! "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

 photo welcome1_zps2fc65877.jpg

After the Dalek is sent away, Steve shows everyone the proper way to welcome a new team member. "Tea, Captain?" "Delightful idea, Captain!"

 photo welcome3_zps1f6ef5e3.jpg

Clint would rather have a beer. But Brian is happy now! "Cheers!"

 photo welcome4_zps76165fd8.jpg
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Captain America has invited Captain Britain to join the Shelf Avengers. (LOL. That's just where I keep my figures) And Steve has put Brian in charge, much to Clint's horror.

 photo capbritjoinsin3_zpsc7928c4b.jpg

"You again, Braddock?" "Don't make me hit you with Excalibur, Hawkeye. And what was that you said about the Queen?"

Steve and Brian catch up on mutual friends and so on. Brian informs Steve that Pete Wisdom is indeed still a tosser, but at least he's quit smoking and doesn't drink as much and has NEVER gotten over Kitty Pryde. Dork!

Also, baseball is back! And Hello Kitty is a Nats fan.

 photo natskitty_zps092b602b.jpg

Nats beat the Mets in their season opener. Well, if someone has to beat the Mets, I'm glad it's the Nats!
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Sad Hawkeye has been made into a doll!

 photo sadclintdoll2_zps486b9511.jpg

Also, Clint has a new rival. I've ordered several Excalibur comic book collections, and one came today. Clint is furious with me. "Don't you remember my commandment? Thou shalt not read other comics than Hawkeye!" Sorry, Clint. Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain (called Britannic in this collection) were calling to me. And Pete says, "Sod off, ya circus freak!"

 photo jealousclint_zps184f2b7d.jpg

I'd love to see those two interact in a future comic. Hawkeye's work with Captain Britain in Secret Avengers was amusing to say the least. (Hawkeye: "I hate you, Captain Britain! Because of you, I hate everything about Britain. Tea, The Smiths, the Queen..." Cap: "Let's leave The Smiths out of this.")

Also, the first photos from the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron are leaking...Hawkeye has a new outfit. It's like a modern version of Hawkeye's old uniform...just not bright purple and no mask.

 photo newhawkcostume_zps3b8e3848.jpg

The downside is it covers up Jeremy Renner's awesome arms.
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My Mini Muggs Hawkeye now has a baby brother, Micro Muggs Hawkeye!

 photo miniandmicroclint_zps3a7e3e83.jpg

I've been watching most of the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoons...and I came upon this lovely scene. Wasp and Hawkeye lounging by the pool. Hubba hubba. Love the farmer's tan, Clint!

 photo emhcap1_zpsb3cf8664.jpg

LOL. Fanservice on a kid's show! Of course, the comic books are far racier...

Another reason I enjoy the cartoon- Hulk and Hawkeye's odd friendship.

 photo tumblr_mm6porkReG1qbn6jwo1_500_zpsf4dc2522.gif
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I've been watching (via amazon) Marvel's Avengers Assemble from Disney. It's FUNNY. I know Earth's Mightiest Heroes was better, but the new series has charms. I love Hawkeye and Hulk. On Sunday's episode, Hulk ate all of Hawkeye's pickles, and started a grudge match that landed them in an alien death match. Better than it sounds. Don't eat Hawkeye's food. He will attack something you like! In another episode, everyone except Black Widow got Hulk-ified, and an extremely hungry Clint was enraged by the disappearance of his beloved pizza bagels. (Captain America ate them all!)

So, inspired by "Mojo World", here is Clint defending the pickles from Hulk.

 photo guardingthepickles_zps755e888b.jpg
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The grand unveiling of Aw, Bro- the cross stitched picture Clint would rather forget. His pals are amused, but Steve is horrified! Tasha tries to console poor embarrassed Clint.

 photo hawkeyepicture1_zps4d64f79f.jpg
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Thor and Loki Bobblehead dolls have joined my Avengers shelf. The rest of the toys aren't sure what to make of them yet.
 photo xmasday1_zps264e6c6d.jpg

Saw Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Sunday, saw Anchorman 2 today, and will see American Hustle tomorrow. I liked Hobbit- it was a little bit too long and had some unnecessary added stuff, but it was better than part one. And Smaug was awesome. I love Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. Anchorman 2 was fun, with some great cameos at the end, but I really preferred the first one. This one isn't as quotable as the first, and there were a few cringe inducing scenes. But there were still plenty of scenes to make me choke on my soda from laughing so hard! 
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I had help finishing the gift wrapping from Clint, Tasha, Thor, and Sif.

 photo wrap1_zps9ceafd47.jpg  photo wrap4_zpsff893f0e.jpg

 photo wrap2_zps1213cbaf.jpg  photo wrap3_zpsb9dcaa32.jpg
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The Avengers go for a sleigh ride, courtesy of Loki and his giant horse (it's actually Aragorn's horse from Fellowship of the Ring).

 photo sleighride1_zpsbd5aa4ac.jpg

My Effie Barbie arrived today! Love her outfit.

 photo effie_zps7bed5771.jpg


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