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First tulip!

More are popping up. The daffodils have kind of exploded everywhere, too! I'll have to take more photos soon. It's supposed to get cold this weekend. Hopefully that will be the last cold snap of the year!

I'm working on a mini garden shed for the Shelf Avengers. It's almost done:

There's also a gazebo and bench. Hawkeye and Black Widow like it.
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She's not sure what to think of Clint and Tasha.


Jul. 17th, 2015 12:45 am
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My cute little bakery. I made some changes. I didn't like the way the cakes in the kit turned out, so I bought a bunch of tiny pastries and cakes at Michaels. Also, I really messed up the chair, so I bought a replacement for that, too. But I did make all the little boxes!

It was way too small for Mini Grace. But that's okay, it's perfect for Hawkeye and Black Widow!

My next project is going to be a Mini Grace sized room box. I have the right size box on the way, and I plan to buy a dollhouse-sized bakery counter (it's a lot bigger than the one I made here) and table and chair set. I bought doubles of all the little cakes, so that's already done!

Speaking of American Girls, here is Maryellen!

She comes out at the end of August, so it's too late for my birthday. Bummer. But I'll go ahead and get the mini version right away.

The girl of the year for 2016 has already been leaked- Lea. Apparently a bi-racial girl, but from the photos she looks pretty white to me. Come on, AG, give us some dolls of color! She's cute, though...

I saw Minions last Sunday. It was cute and funny. Tomorrow or Saturday I plan to see Ant-Man, so far I've heard very good things. Mom and I want to go see the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy. And then Mr. Holmes. Still plenty of good movies coming out this summer!
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Mom's Stargazer lilies are blooming. They're my favorite.

The cleomes are up, too!

Suddenly, wild blackberries appear!

A little Black Widow bobblehead joined my Hawkeye display. Hawkeye bobblehead is pleased!

Finally, some of the Shelf Avengers got together to celebrate the Fourth of July and Captain America's birthday with a little barbecue!

Didn't do much over the holiday weekend, just a cookout with Mom, Dad, Katie, and Paul. Nice little get-together. Some neighbors set off fireworks, though, and terrified the poor cat.
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The Shelf Avengers go on a strawberry picking adventure! There's a patch of wild berries in Mom's garden.

They found some miniature roses, too!

Mom's garden is starting to catch up. The peas finally have blossoms on them, and that means we'll have peas! The radishes are done, but the carrots are finally starting to grow.
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I had to sing at two services, and I wore my voice out. The choir did the introit from the balcony, which always terrifies me. I had Easter Brunch in Richmond with the family. We went to a new place, Bistro 27. It was pretty good. I tried the chicken and waffles. Very interesting and tasty combo! Poor Sam was sick as a dog, but it was nice to see him.

Here's the cake and one of the chocolate eggs I made:

The flowers I took to church:

The cross in the welcome area:

Some action figure adventures:

Visiting the Easter Bunny!

Hawkeye inspects the sugar egg Katie gave me:

Loki and Black Knight skewer some Peeps.

Thor prefers to eat them!
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I got two goodies in the mail today- the mini Funko Hawkeye bobblehead, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. set with Coulson, Hill, and Fury.

Hawkeye and Black Widow are very happy to see Phil alive!

Rage of Ultron was a good read. One massive change for Hank Pym that I have no idea how it will fit into continuity, but it's very interesting. Also, Starfox! He's pretty important to the story. I hope this means we'll see more of him. According to the editor, this takes place after all the Secret Wars and Battleworld stuff that's happening this summer.

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First daffodil!

A Hawk(eye) and Mockingbird in the bird feeder!

Waiting for tulips...

Wait a minute- there's ice on our "pond". What gives? This is spring! :(

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Some random photos from the holiday that I haven't posted yet.
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Nov. 30th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Colorado State lost to Air Force Friday, ending their longest ever winning streak (9 games). Still bowl eligible, but out of contention for the Mountain West title. 10-2 is a damn good record to finish the season with, though!

Getting ready for Christmas- my first Christmas related Adventures of Clintasha/Shelf Avengers item. Fury directs the Shelf Avenger Handbell Choir- Black Widow, Hawkeye, Black Knight, Captain Britain, and Captain America.

handbell avengers

I used those five because they were the only ones that could grip the little bells. :p

Did a lot of shopping today. Mom got me a great set of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes. I did her nails in red glitter, then did my own in a glittery cranberry. So much fun.


Oct. 31st, 2014 11:30 pm
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I didn't get to dress up this Halloween, but I did have a "party" for the Shelf Avengers:

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OMG OMG OMG. Someone leaked it, and then Marvel went ahead and released it for real. It looks awesome. I haven't been this excited for a sequel since The Return of the King!

The Shelf Avengers and Nick Fury react to the trailer.

AofU trailer reaction


Aug. 23rd, 2014 11:36 pm
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Poor Dane.

 photo bucket_zps05340e8e.jpg

My mom actually did the ALS ice bucket challenge today, and also made a donation.

ETA: I spelled challenge wrong in the picture. Ugh.
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Finally got my Winter Soldier Black Widow! Hawkeye is happy to see her.
 photo happycouple1_zps1b460369.jpg

I read Original Sins #2 only for the Black Knight story (well, the Howard the Duck piece was fun, too). It broke my heart. Poor Dane is going crazy because of the Ebony Blade. I wonder when the story takes place, because he was doing okay before. But now...he's locked up in his apartment, slashing the walls with the blade, and just hanging out in his underwear while holding the blade a little too close.

Did I mention he's in his undies the whole time?
 photo danebutt_zps58bd34fc.jpg

It's so sad. He's an absolute wreck by the final panels.
 photo poordane2_zpscc338fa7.png

Whoa. Poor baby. Surely this must take place before MI-13, because Captain Britain would NOT let his BFF just shut himself off like say nothing of his girlfriend and the rest of the team!

Also, there's no real new ground covered here...Dane has always known that the blade causes big trouble for its wielder. He was turned into a statue once, for crying out loud! And he did go a bit nuts because of the curse during his late 80's Avengers run. I think this time he's more depressed than insane, plus he feels guilty about what he did to a criminal in this story.

Whatever is going on with him, he obviously snaps out of it because he's already involved with Euroforce in Avengers World, starting with #8, and he'll be in several other issues of that. I wonder what that means for him and MI-13...and Faiza...:(

On a lighter Black Knight note, my little Dane had to compare his butt to the comic version..."Does my cape make my ass look big?" :p

 photo blackknightbutt_zps6acc26b3.jpg

Shake that ass, Dane. :p
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An odd combo, but that's what this week has been like. Big post behind the cut. Lots of photos.

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The adventures of Tiny!Pete's arrival and some Easter stuff behind the cut.
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The Funko Pop! Black Widow. She fits in nicely with my other Black Widow and Hawkeye figures.

 photo poptashameetsclint1_zps34d87826.jpg

 photo poptashameetsclint2_zps7c2a2d8b.jpg

Having no luck whatsoever in finding the Winter Soldier six inch Black Widow figure. :( But I do have the Funko Pop! Coulson coming soon!
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Hawkeye thought it would be funny to welcome Captain Britain with something from home..."CLINT!" "What?" Meanwhile, Brian runs for his life! "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

 photo welcome1_zps2fc65877.jpg

After the Dalek is sent away, Steve shows everyone the proper way to welcome a new team member. "Tea, Captain?" "Delightful idea, Captain!"

 photo welcome3_zps1f6ef5e3.jpg

Clint would rather have a beer. But Brian is happy now! "Cheers!"

 photo welcome4_zps76165fd8.jpg
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Captain America has invited Captain Britain to join the Shelf Avengers. (LOL. That's just where I keep my figures) And Steve has put Brian in charge, much to Clint's horror.

 photo capbritjoinsin3_zpsc7928c4b.jpg

"You again, Braddock?" "Don't make me hit you with Excalibur, Hawkeye. And what was that you said about the Queen?"

Steve and Brian catch up on mutual friends and so on. Brian informs Steve that Pete Wisdom is indeed still a tosser, but at least he's quit smoking and doesn't drink as much and has NEVER gotten over Kitty Pryde. Dork!

Also, baseball is back! And Hello Kitty is a Nats fan.

 photo natskitty_zps092b602b.jpg

Nats beat the Mets in their season opener. Well, if someone has to beat the Mets, I'm glad it's the Nats!
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I spent a good part of the day shoveling snow. I managed to sprain my bad ankle, so now I'm in pain and can't walk much. Oh, joy. And it snowed again today! Ugh.

Went to see Gypsy at the Riverside Theater. It was awesome. I've never even seen the movie, though I knew some of the music.

I made a card from a template found on Tumblr:

 photo vday20141_zps8baee0ef.jpg

And Clint and Tasha had a little fun, too:

 photo vday20143_zpsb9790b93.jpg

 photo vday20145_zpse529554a.jpg


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