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My computer's battery died suddenly yesterday. I'm running the laptop on AC adapter only, which is fine, but it means I can't go anywhere with it until I get a new battery.

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong. Much swearing ensued. This Chief O'Brien gif from Swear Trek (Twitter and Tumblr) sums up my day, minus the kicking. Sure felt like kicking, though.

I'm sure if Deep Space Nine had been on HBO, O'Brien would have cursed every other word. Bloody Cardassians!
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Stay away from Walter Koenig. Don't you dare take both Chekovs in the same year.

I say this mainly because he's seemed so frail at conventions recently...he's just slightly older than my dad so I don't want to think about him dying.

Hell, stay away from everybody good this year.
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I can’t believe Anton Yelchin is dead. 27 years old. Jesus fucking Christ. When I saw it trending on Facebook, I was sure it was a hoax.

I won’t be able to watch Star Trek: Beyond without crying any time Chekov is on screen.

2016, please fuck off and die. PLEASE.

He was an adorable human being as well as a talented actor.

This has been a particularily bad week.

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A new outfit and accessories for Emily. She and Molly have cookies for Santa! I found the set (dress, stocking, gift box, cookie tray) at A.C. Moore.

Mini Ivy and Julie play Operation. It's actually a Hallmark ornament that lights up and buzzes like the real thing!

New ornaments for the Trek-Who-Mas Tree- the Enterprise C from the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise", and a scary Doctor Who Weeping Angel!
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Just got back from Avengers: Age of Ultron. I'll put my early thoughts behind a cut because spoilers, sweetie!

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I had to pull my Spock bear off the shelf for a hug. :(

spock bearllap
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RIP, Leonard Nimoy. Knew it was coming, but this Trekkie's heart still hurts.


His last Tweet:

Few celeb deaths make me truly sad, because it's not like I knew them personally, right? But aside from being an icon, Leonard Nimoy was part of my childhood! I was introduced to Star Trek at an early age. I grew up watching the re-runs, and Mom and Dad always took me to the movies. So for me, this is like Jim Henson dying, and Robin Williams last year. Tiny pieces of childhood going away.
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My Star Trek/Doctor Who tree is up!

trekwhomas tree 1 trekwhomas tree 3

Rory likes my toy tree.

under the tree 1 under the tree 2

I went for a walk in downtown Fredericksburg to see the store windows today. There were some really nice ones...

xmas window 1 xmas window 2

But the best, of course, was at Whittingham's- this year, it's a Mother Goose theme.

xmas window 4
xmas window 6
xmas window 7

They look better at night, so I'll go back and take night shots.
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From Star Trek Cross Stitch.

 photo trekornament3_zps82ec96ab.jpg

There are two more things I want to stitch for my tree, but I have two baby presents to do first.
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From Star Trek Cross Stitch.

 photo trekornament2_zps2a9b1c37.jpg

One more to go!
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Got the new Star Trek Cross Stitch book this week...and I had to do this one first:
 photo deadjim_zpsa6c3f3db.jpg

Next one will be Beam Me Up, Scotty.

I also did a quickie necklace:
 photo rhinestonecrown_zps2e266bfa.jpg

I love the Art-i-cake line at Michaels!

Tomorrow my sister turns 50! We're having a crab feast at her house tomorrow. She requested one of my cakes. It's all baked and iced and ready to go!

Had a rehearsal last night for the handbell choir. We're joining a very large group of ringers at Nationals Park to ring the national anthem! It's going to be fun. And we get to go to the game, of course. I think they're playing the Marlins.
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All done.


The Dressmaker's Daughter chart arrived today, the special threads will be here Tuesday. I have all the rest of the floss, so I can start it tomorrow!
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The first of hopefully eight, Captain Kirk:


I may only have time to do four of them.
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Finished wee little Star Trek pixel people tonight!

Chapel was my addition- I think she came out okay.



That was fun and easy. Now it needs a frame. Then I'll stitch them all individually for ornaments!
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Some of the first set photos from the new Star Trek movie have been leaked. Here's a great one with Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto- it was just begging for a Spaceballs quote for a caption:

2013 can't come soon enough.

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Just got this cross stitch chart:


I'm going to start it as soon as I finish "Keep Calm and Believe in Sherlock".

The chart designers are working on a Star Trek Captains chart next. I hope they also do Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. I put in a request for Sherlock- neither of them have seen the show, but promised to check it out and put Sherlock in their to-chart list!
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funny celebrity pictures - IT'S OK
see more Lol Celebs


See this ass?  This is a Time Lord ass 

Best Time Lord ass ever. ;)


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