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Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Dog sitting for Katie. Giada likes the leaves!

Katie's old barn and big tree.

Good morning, King George!

Mom's roses are still blooming.

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She's not sure what to think of Clint and Tasha.

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I house sat for Katie this week. She has an old barn and other buildings on her property (it used to be a farm). I've never taken any photos of them.

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From Cross Stitch Crazy.
 photo ornament2_zpsd33fc582.jpg

Home from pet sitting. Giada was mostly good, but she barked a lot at night.
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Well, done with the stitching, at least. From Just Cross Stitch's annual ornament issue.

 photo cocoaornament_zpsb3b52fe1.jpg

I'm going to do this one twice, one for my tree, one for Katie. I have three more from that issue, plus three from Cross Stitch Crazy.

I'm house/dog sitting for Katie and Paul as they spend the weekend at their college for Homecoming. I love being around Giada. Plus I get a whole weekend of watching DVDs and cross stitching. :)

Very glad the government shutdown is over. Was really afraid Paul was going to be furloughed and not get paid for working while the shutdown was still happening.

I went to choir practice for the first time in almost a month. My voice is coming back, but I overdid it. :( We did a lot of work on the piece for Sunday that I won't be here for. :p But at least we also did Christmas carol service stuff. It's going to be good this year- the program is all Celtic tunes.
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Woke up to this yesterday:

 photo goodmorning_zps2a266a2c.jpg

It's pretty out here. Giada has been very good this visit. She misses her mom, though.

I had to pick veggies from Katie's garden...many beans and squash. Clint and Tasha helped me.

 photo clintashaveggies_zpsb4e644d4.jpg

Then they found some refreshment...

 photo clintashabeer_zps5c5fa9e3.jpg

Sarah had her baby today! A girl, but we all knew that. Just over seven pounds! Hopefully, there will be photos soon. I might get to see her in September!
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May 2012 be a better year for all of us.

Clint, Tasha, and Hulk had a party of their own. :p


Oooooooooooo! "Watching" fireworks through Tumblr.




Kind of a boring New Year's Eve for me. Just me and the dog! Someone was setting off fireworks in the neighborhood, but Giada didn't seem too bothered. She's sad. She misses her mommy! Oh, well. They'll be home tomorrow!
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I'm at Katie's, so I thought I'd share some photos of her decorations. Plus, I gave Clintasha (and Hulk!) some more adventures!

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Oh, yay.

Jul. 2nd, 2012 04:42 pm
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Power may be back on by the time I get home tonight. And Katie has her power back- just in time for them to go to Montreal, and for me to dog sit. :p

Oooooops, my finger slipped and I just ordered the 4-inch Black Widow figure from amazon. Hawkeye was getting lonely in his nest. :p

*is home*

Jan. 1st, 2012 09:31 pm
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Had fun last night, it was a good show. Got a bit buzzed on champagne, but not drunk. I sure hope 2012 will be better than 2011!

Home from house sitting. Rory is ignoring me. Guess he's mad that I spent time with other animals this week. Giada was mostly good. I'm totally beat, though. I can't imagine having her full time!
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I had to house sit for Katie this weekend. Giada was mostly good...but she barked CONSTANTLY last night. I didn't get any sleep. :( And Franklin has gotten so fat it isn't funny. Poor old kitty. He's about the size of three Rorys...and Rory is getting to be a big kitten!

We had some scary weather and yet another quake aftershock last week. I barely noticed this aftershock, though it was a bit stronger than the last ones (a 3.1). The thunderstorms and downpours on Thursday were awful. And there was a tornado watch most of the night! It's freaking October. Aren't we done with this crap yet?

I spent most of the weekend watching T.V. with Giada. She loves to sit on the couch next to me. I made good use of my time- I finished a Christmas cross stitch and started a second. I'm finally stitching again!

Also, CSU was KILLED by Boise State yesterday. I'm too embarassed to re-post the score. Poor Rams. They still have to face TCU this season.
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Good God, Franklin is fat. He must weigh twenty pounds! Franklin the Hutt:


Giada loves to sit with me on the sofa...


She's a year old now. So gorgeous! I guess she's not really a puppy anymore...

Got back from the Maundy Thursday service a while ago. Boy, the choir could have done better...*sighs* Our anthem was okay, but there were two hymns we've never seen before tonight's practice. We sounded terrible on them. :( We needed more practice.

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Through a crack in my sister's guest bedroom wall!

Seriously, I just now noticed this crack. Katie has an old farmhouse that isn't quite finished being renovated, so there are a few cracks in some places, But this one looks a lot like the crack in Eleventh Hour! :p Now I just need a "raggedy Doctor" of my own to fix it.

I'm at the house pet sitting. Giada has been good, but noisy, which is weird. I've never heard her bark before! Franklin is FAT. I've started calling him Jabba, or Franklin the Hutt. Poor old kitty.

Here's a quick project I did this week- a key chain with the Adipose alien from "Partners in Crime":

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Katie and Paul are going down to North Carolina this week to visit the babies! I hope they bring back lots of pics. Ella is so big now, and Ethan is gaining weight fast. It's hard to believe he was a two-month preemie.

Palm Sunday the choir did Mendelssohn's Christus cantata. We did it very well. Way better than I expected- it was hard music to learn. It's a beautiful work. And our Easter music is easy compared to it- so I'm not worried about that. :p

Here's a youtube performance (the chorus is in German, though): part 1 part 2 Translation: Daughters of Zion, weep for yourselves and your children.

Katie had her radiation treatment over the weekend- all she did was swallow a pill. No idea how the pill knew what to target (thyroid), but whatever! She had to stay away from everyone for four days. Poor Giada was so confused. I'll have to give her extra attention while I'm at the house.

Four more days until Doctor Who returns! Ahhhhhh! I can't wait. And I've already been somewhat spoiled. :( I'm working on two Who projects, a Tardis cross stitch and a keychain. Also Who-related- yesterday was the 40th birthday of one David John McDonald, better known to us as David Tennant. Can't believe he's actually my age. He seems like such a kid! Well, maybe now that he's a dad, that'll change. :p I hope I get a chance to see his new TV movie, United, which airs on Easter Sunday. It's about rebuilding the Manchester United after the Munich air disaster that killed several players.


Dec. 20th, 2010 11:46 pm
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This is Giacomo. He still runs when someone gets too close, but he's been following me around as I walk Giada. He seems to like me.

Katie's tree:


I did some housecleaning for Katie, so that's one less worry for her when she gets home tomorrow. Sam did much better today, so he'll probably be released.

Yay, rain!

Sep. 30th, 2010 09:39 pm
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Tropical Storm Nicole's leftovers hit my area yesterday. We've needed rain so badly here! It's mostly been a nice gentle rain for a couple of days, but now we're getting the big stuff. No flooding here, thank goodness.

I have a long weekend ahead of me. First, I'm baking cookies for the grand opening of a new library branch (almost in my neighborhood!), then it's off to Katie's to watch the pets. Henry is sick. :( Poor old dog. And Giada is getting huge! I hope she doesn't knock me on the ground.
Choir Librarian has quit. Not choir, but the librarian's job. Guess who's doing it now? :) :) Me! I've wanted to do it for years, but ex-Choir Librarian just pushed her way in. I actually like filing away music. I've spent hours at church helping Katie with the kids' and bells stuff.

Choir director apologized for his outburst last week. Practices have been going great. We're getting through our music ahead of time for a change. Our Christmas pieces are arriving. The big carol service piece is going to be awesome. It includes one of my favorite carols as an anthem: Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella. All the music is beautifully arranged, with parts for the kids, bells, and brass. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play with the bell choir.
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No internet at Katie's this week. I nearly went nuts! 
The pets were very good, though Giada whined a lot at night. Henry is getting old. :(

Giada was her usual cute self. She's getting big!

She loves to play. We had fun.

She's getting better at following commands,  but she still likes to jump on poor old Henry. She also likes to try to bite or lick everything on the ground. A large toad has taken up residence on Katie's porch, and Giada tried to lick it every time it was there. She's hyper enough as it is, I didn't need her hallucinating, too! :p Not sure what kind of toad it was, but it's not good for puppies, I'm sure.

There were lots of deer on the property this week. Henry didn't bark at them at all, which is more proof that he's slowing down. When he was younger, he was like "Deer! Wharrrghl! Bark bark bark!". Now he just looks up as if to say, "Deer? Meh." :(

I caught a couple of them on camera:


The cat mostly ignored me. He hid most of the time. I think he's afraid of Giada. She's a little rough on him.

So I had no internet, but I had my laptop with me, anyway, because I have a bunch of shows on it. I actually watched All the Small Things again from start to finish. :) I also managed to read two Torchwood books, and do 22 hours of work on a cross stitch piece. But I still almost went nuts without internet access!

Busy week coming up...going to a movie tomorrow, then my birthday is Monday, and on Wednesday I'm leaving for New England.

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I went to puppy training at PetSmart today with Katie. Giada is doing very well, except she still jumps on people. After the class was over, I went to see the cats and kittens up for adoption. They were all so damn cute! One looked like Kira as a kitten. :( An older cat looked like Eddie. I wish I could adopt one, or four...but Eddie is just too old now to get used to new cats.

They had some nice dogs today, as well. I think my next pet will be a dog.

I'm pet sitting this week. I get to spend a lot of time with Giada! She's learning tricks now, so I'm going to be working with her on those. She's such a cutie. And she's getting so big!
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Ugh. I won't have access to the internet at my sister's house. I'm typing this from home before I have to go back. I'm going to be stuck there until Monday night at least. With no internet! :( I'm going to be so bored.

No idea what's going on with her mother-in-law. Still alive, but in a coma.

I went to the performance of The Messiah this afternoon, and I'm going to dinner with Mom and Dad before heading back to the house.
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[ profile] dalaire  had this one.

You Are a Persian Cat

You are very high-maintenance, at least as far as keeping up your appearance goes.

But you're surprisingly low-maintenance in every other aspect of your life.

You are peaceful and sweet tempered. People enjoy your company.

You are loving and a good companion, but it takes you a while to trust people.

Meow. I tried it with "talkative" and "disagree" and got Siamese as a result. :p I could be a hybrid.

Speaking of cats, I'm back from pet sitting. Franklin wouldn't leave me alone Friday night. He crawled onto my bed and parked himself against my back. When I tried to move, he yowled and whined (in typical Burmese fashion!). I let him be, though, because he moved over to the other side of the bed. Although he did climb on me a couple of was very disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the night to see a little head with pointy ears and wide blue eyes looking down on me. There was just enough light in the room to give his eyes a weird glow.

He's a very nice cat, if a little bit needy. My sister called to check up on my nephew on Thursday. He had the cat on his lap- when Franklin heard my sister's voice, he started crying like a baby!

The dogs were good. No wild yapping and howling. Now that Ike is gone, they're rather quiet.

Just watched 24- Redemption. It was pretty good. I'm looking forward to the new season...after the debacle that was most of Day Six, it's got to be better...

I'm reading Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. God, it's depressing! I hope the movie based on it is good- can't believe it's taken almost fifty years to get it to the big screen.

I've been pretty sick for the past three days. Today I had to get up early to ring bells at church...I was feeling so bad that I felt like I should skip the second service. I decided to tough it out, though, because I loved the anthems the choir sang. My voice was weak, but I gave it my best shot!


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