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The PBS animated show Arthur turns 20 this fall. Sam was five when it first aired. He loved it so much. He was Arthur for Halloween one year, and he played that damn CD over and over...(CAUSE I WAS JEKYLL JEKYLL HYDE JEKYLL HYDE HYDE JEKYLL!)

I'm old enough to remember the original Arthur books by Marc Brown...the ones from the 70s. When Arthur actually looked like an aardvark. LOL!

Cute show, but the last few years have sucked. And many a childhood has been ruined by the Arthur internet memes...

Some are hilarious. Some are gross.

Then there are the out-of context screen shots...

Um, ew. I think that was a Baby Kate episode.

Who knew a kid's show could be turned into something so dirty? ROTFLMAO.
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Mr. Sutherland, an agriculture professor who was among dozens of Westerners kidnapped by Islamic militants in Beirut in the 1980s, was released in 1991.

I remember the day he was released. I was a junior at Colorado State, and everyone in my dorm was huddled around the lounge T.V. (this was before the internet was public). The yellow ribbons that had been on trees all across Fort Collins all came down. We had a huge celebration for his homecoming at Moby Arena. It was amazing. RIP, Professor Sutherland.
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I've been decorating for Christmas. I'm not done yet. I did something terrible today- I broke an ornament that had been in the family for 45+ years:

It was part of this set:

Mom and Dad bought it at the Garber department store (they're long gone!) in Staten Island a year before I was born. It's survived five moves in four states, and I broke it. I have a silly tradition of putting the Three Wise Men ornaments on the tree first. They're the first ornaments I remember from childhood. I am just crushed! The middle section of the ornament turned to powder. Italian glass ornaments are so fragile.

The trees are almost done, and I'm working on the toys next. Emma Louise has her new apron, sweater, Santa hat, and necklace on!

Dad added little Santa ornaments to his airplane/globe mobile:

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I really enjoyed most of the three and a half hour anniversary special. Some of the highlights- the Weekend Update tribute starring Jane Curtin, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, a new SNL Short about cast members breaking character (with several clips of Jimmy Fallon, one of the worst offenders! :p), a Wayne's World reunion with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, and Paul Simon singing "Still Crazy After All These Years". And the last bit with producer Lorne Michaels being dragged onto the stage! Also, the memorial section made me sniffle. So many of the great ones are gone- John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Charlie Rocket, Jan Hooks, and announcer Don Pardo, just to name a few.

Oh, yeah, Bradley Cooper smooching Betty White. Hilarious. I hate The Californians skits. I just don't get them.

Landshark (played by Bobby Moynihan) devouring Tina after the Weekend Update.

And the running "Jon Lovitz is dead" joke, even including him in the memorial! His Wikipedia entry has already been hacked:
Jonathan Michael “Jon” Lovitz (born July 21, 1957) is an American comedian, actor, and singer. He is best known as a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live from 1985 to 1990. He is dead. Poor Jon!


These ladies:


Wayne's World! Top Ten! Things about SNL!

King Tut!

Personal note- Saturday Night Live premiered the month my grandmother died. I was four. When my mom wasn't looking after her mother, she and my aunts and uncle would watch t.v., and this was one of the few things that made any of them smile.


Nov. 27th, 2014 11:48 pm
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Feeling a little homesick for Colorado and especially Colorado State this week, even though I left 20 years ago. Saw this beautiful shot of Hughes Stadium, the "A", and the reservoir on Facebook:


And some humor- a Cam the Ram balloon (obviously fake! Yay, Photoshop!):


I mainly posted this one because it's a shot of The Oval, with the music building almost in front! CSU's campus is so beautiful. One of the things I loved about my school.

Also, the football team is now number 21 in the AP poll. Go Rams!
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I've heard rumors about this for years, but it looks like it's really happening now. Eastern Airlines is (possibly) being revived!

This isn't just a new airline slapping on the name (like the attempted "revivals" of Pan Am), it's people from the original airline restarting the company. It will even be headquartered in Miami. I hope they plan to have the "flying blue hockey stick" logo! It's not officially happening yet, there's about a year of work to be done before it's approved.

Just for the hell of it, some classic Eastern T.V. spots!
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Found this old Scrabble game in the basement. It's a variation called RSVP, and it's 3D!
 photo oldscrabble2_zps14dc5829.jpg

Mom said I could have it, and make jewelry with the game pieces. I really don't remember playing the game, but my name was written on the box with the rest of the family.
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While helping Mom clean out her basement, we found her old suitcase that she had in high school. She used it for a long time, and it even went with Katie to college. It was too busted up for me to use. No idea why she's kept it all these years...but the tags for Eastern and TWA make me feel a little sad! How long has this thing been wasting away? The last time it was used, Eastern was actually still in business. :(

Yes, I have a lot of baggage. :p
 photo oldluggage1_zpse4de61f1.jpg

*cries* I miss them both.
 photo oldluggage2_zpsc5e06f6e.jpg

ETA: Found another piece of luggage- this time it was definitely Katie's! And again, it had an Eastern Airlines sticker. :p
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I watched Say Anything last night.

Still one of my favorite movie scenes EVER:
 photo tumblr_mt3fvdxLlM1qbfdw0o1_1280_zps39dc07e7.jpg

*plays In Your Eyes* *looks out window* *still no Lloyd Dobler waiting for me* *cries*

Went shopping in Richmond with Mom, Dad, and Sam. They have a nice Dillard's at the South Pump Town Center...and a huge motherfucking Nordstrom's! Holy cow, I've never seen one so huge. Spent all the time in Dillard's- maybe I'll go back later for Nordstrom's, just for shits and giggles.

Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Excellent chicken marsala, and a huge slice of Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake for dessert. I ate 2/3 of it. I REGRET NOTHING.

I'm still sick. Almost better, though. The meds are making me very tired.

*le sigh*

Sep. 10th, 2013 09:57 pm
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John Cusack is still adorable, even when he's playing an assassin. :p

 photo tns6_zps01ae4fc7.jpg

I grew out of my old crush, though, because I grew up and realized there wasn't a real Lloyd Dobler waiting for me anywhere. :( Darn you, John, for creating that guy! :p Say still one of my favorite movies, though.
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I shouldn't have watched The Numbers Station! My long-buried crush on John Cusack has resurfaced after God knows how many years. I'm not even thinking of Say Anything...though that was the one that had all the girls in my senior class cooing. I'm going way back to Better Off Dead! LOL. I loved that movie. Even now, he still has that sad, sweet face. I just wish he would pick better movies. I no longer have a VCR, so digging out my battered copies of Better Off Dead and Say Anything...would be pointless. Guess I'll have to settle for Must Love Dogs, which was cute.

Horrible thought- if he and Jeremy Renner ever did a movie together, it would probably kill me. That would be too much awesomeness.
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No? Phooey. Stills from American Hustle are popping up online. The cast is pretty much unrecognizable! Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Jennifer Lawrence, all dressed up in 70's outfits with the hair and make up to match! I swear, Jennifer looks like my Darci doll...

 photo tumblr_mqrhidsL5z1rrzf6ao1_r1_1280_zpse384c130.jpg

Is that "The Hustle" I'm hearing in the background? :p I'm getting flashbacks, and I was a little kid back then! The movie better have a soundtrack to match the clothes and hair!

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American Girl is retiring Molly and Emily to the "archives". So with Molly gone, there are no original dolls left. Are they dumping all the historical dolls in favor of the "dolls of today"? 'Cause that blows. They can have my Julie and Ivy dolls when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers! :p

Guess I'd better ask for Emily for my birthday...while I still have a chance.
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My Darci doll arrived today. Took her out of the box, which was falling apart (but still in pretty good shape for something 35 years old!):

 photo darci_zps725c94bf.jpg

"Wowza!" Clint is delighted, but Tasha is not. :p

 photo darci2_zpsef0a610c.jpg

Had my second Etsy order today, too! :) People really like my stuff! (I'm still working on your piece, [ profile] mozinrath!)
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Holy crap, the latest photos from the American Hustle set are insane. Beer belly Christian Bale in a velvet suit, Amy Adams in a dress cut so low you almost see everything, Bradley Cooper's insane "perm" (it's not real), and of course, Jeremy Renner looking very much like a late 1970's politician. In sad news, the real life man behind Renner's "Carmine Polito" character, Angelo Errichetti, passed away yesterday at age 84.

 photo tumblr_mn03qy8D4u1rvs6oho1_500_zpse7b5c993.jpg

 photo tumblr_mn06fwE2NP1rca6sto10_1280_zps20436552.jpg

 photo tumblr_mn028loKCw1rvbbl2o1_1280_zpsf83ad528.jpg

I don't have a link, but an earlier set photo of Jennifer Lawrence made her look like my Darci doll from the 70's. Both the hair and outfit looked exactly like one of the doll's. Up swept hair, gold disco outfit.

I just bid on a Darci on ebay. I hope I win her- I'd love to have that piece of my childhood back! Never removed from the box, too!

 photo T2eC16NzUE9s389y3-BRlriPE8Dg60_57_zpse4665be3.jpg

I had the blonde and the redhead. Never found the brunette, or Dana, Darci's black friend. I had several of the outfits, too. I loved her so much more than Barbie...I don't know why she only lasted a few years. I guess Kenner was more interested in promoting there Star Wars line!
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And Clintasha. :p They try to steal my yummy black and whites. Saw them at the bakery...and was overwhelmed by nostalgia for the bakery cookies I had growing up in New York City. They also had Italian rainbow cookies...but I passed on those. No way they're as good as mine.

 photo cookie_zps17e85393.jpg

Had a follow-up with the doctor. I've lost another pound and a half. :p She's still baffled by the blood from my urine test, and wants me to take the test again in two weeks. Argggggh.
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The Joy Luck Club. I was a senior in college, and Mom and Dad had an exchange student from France living with them, Cecile. One way she improved her English skills was going to American movies...and this was one of them. Mom, Cecile, and I saw it when I was home on a break. We cried all the way through it. It was almost hilarious! We went to a lot of movies with her during her year in Colorado. But Joy Luck Club was our favorite of the bunch.

Cecile is now an American citizen, divorced with two little boys, living in San Diego where she runs a preschool that emphasizes learning French! She and my mom talk a lot on Facebook...she's still hoping to come visit us. She stayed with three different families as a student, and we were the one she was closest to. She was my French "little sister"! She only met Katie once, after my college graduation. She drew a wonderful picture of Sam based on one of his baby photos, and it still hangs on my parents' wall.
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I just found out through Facebook that one of my favorite teachers from my freshman year of high school, Mrs. Brown, just died. She taught my favorite class- Film Study. She picked great movies and short films to show the class, but I think a few of my classmates really didn't appreciate it. In one month, we saw Citizen Kane, On the Waterfront, and Black Orpheus, as well as the Holocaust documentary Night and Fog. She also made us write reviews of movies and television at least every other week- she always liked mine! I think the class was dropped after she retired, which blows.

Wow. That's the first teacher from Broomfield High School that I had who has passed away (that I know of). Many are retired now, at least. I graduated almost 24 years ago. Scary!


Feb. 5th, 2013 11:35 am
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This was my dorm at Colorado State, Parmelee Hall. It is so much nicer now (and it was pretty nice, if a bit old, when I was there). The dining hall and fourth floor addition are especially good. Lucky students! I would have LOVED a study hall on my floor.
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I thought Monkey Love was supposed to be a totally crap movie, but it was actually kinda cute. Jeremy Renner was adorable as hell. The story was a little weak and unoriginal (girl falls in love with her two best friends), but it was still sweet. And it had a happy ending- Jeremy gets the girl. Oh, the reason it's called Monkey Love is because one of the male friends is obsessed with the mating habits and dick sizes of primates. :p

And there was this naughty little scene:


Other movies- One of the reasons I loved Moonrise Kingdom so much was the music. I had to get the soundtrack. Benjamin Britten's opera Noye's Fludde figures heavily into the film's plot. The scenes with the opera being performed brought back so many memories!  When I was a little girl, my church did a production of it, and I was one of the animals! A pig, if you must know.
I can't believe how much I remember from it.
Here's a production found on youtube...not a great recording, but it's the whole opera:

Alexandre Desplat's score was also heavily influenced by Britten. The music over the credits is set up like Britten's A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.


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