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Well, it's unofficial.:p But people are posting photos of their brothers and sisters on Facebook and elsewhere, so here's mine:

Katie and me. Probably sometime in early 1973, so I would have been eighteen months old. Katie was nine. This is one of my favorite photos of us together.

Another photo, this time of the cousins (minus Mike, who wasn't at this family vacation). Probably summer of '88, in Kentucky for family camp. Katie and Paul were living in Germany where he was stationed, but Katie had come back for a visit.

Two sets of sisters (Katie and me, Rachel, Alison, and baby Amelia), one only child (Sarah), one sister minus her brother (Debbie). I'm holding Amelia. She was so tiny!


Sep. 18th, 2013 03:54 pm
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Dear antibiotics and cough meds, I'm 90% better. But you're making me so tired that I may as well be still sick. No love, me. And ear drops? You are just gross.

Seriously, I need a nap and it's late afternoon. I could go to bed now and not wake up until after midnight. And then could go right back to bed after that.

I'm not going to Louisville, it looks like. Rory can't be boarded because he won't eat. And if he's left alone at home, even with someone coming to feed him, he won't eat and he'll starve and die. I love that cat, but I just don't understand why he's so needy and why he won't accept other people...he HATES Katie. He loves Paul (all animals love Paul!), but Katie is always with him when he comes over. LOL. I really wanted to go. I want to meet Riley and Benjy while they're still babies! :( Mom has promised me that we'll go to New York around Christmas if I can't go to Kentucky, though.

Addition to my last entry- I was just helping Mom water the garden. She actually has four pumpkins growing! One is tiny and may not survive the first frost. But that probably won't happen until late October.
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I put I love Hawkeye in a cork board frame. Then I put it right next to my computer, so I can stick notes on it when I need to!

 photo hawkeyeboard_zps1b526b7a.jpg

I'm making Hawkeye-themed push pins to use with it.

Also, Mom got me an early birthday present because Vera Bradley was having a big sale...

 photo vbpurse_zps4c42a622.jpg

I've never seen that style or pattern before. I love it. I'm switching purses tomorrow!

Other family great-uncle Carl died on Wednesday. The funeral was Friday. Mom and Dad went, but there wasn't time for me to make arrangements for Rory, so I couldn't go. :( Also, Mom is using the trip as a chance to see her friend Carol, who is very sick with cancer. Not good times. Mom and I may fly out to Louisville later this summer, because I couldn't go this time. By then, Sarah's baby will be here, and I want to see her!
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Had a great time cooking my usual Louisville themed meal- Hot Brown, Benedictine spread, and "Derby" Pie. And I enjoyed the race. I hope Derby winner Orb has a real shot at the Triple Crown!

Got really sick overnight, so I didn't get to do anything special for Cinco de Mayo. I was hoping to at least get a good margarita somewhere. Oh, well. My Avengers figures had their own little party instead.

Some photos behind the cut...

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Home again!

Aug. 6th, 2012 09:50 pm
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Had a good trip, saw a lot of my family and did a lot of stuff, but I'm exhausted. Just got home a few hours ago. Picked up Rory- he was upset the whole time I was gone and wouldn't eat. Poor kitty. Next time, I'll have to have someone come feed and play with him when I'm gone.

Some more photos under the cut:

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I'm home from Kentucky. I had fun, but I'm tired and still a little itchy from the sunburn.

I spent the rest of the trip in Louisville- we did a garden tour, went to a concert at a swimming pool, had lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe (of course), and went to some museums, including the Glassworks studios. That was awesome.

Very, very large, dial-up eating picture post ahead!!

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I'm at my aunt's house right now, nearing the end of my Kentucky vacation. I've had fun, but got pretty badly sunburned. Plus there was no beach at the river resort due to all the flooding. :( We rented a pontoon boat and swam off of it instead, and that was fun.

Some pics under the cut...

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Kentucky Derby! There were no real stars this year, but the race was a good one. The winner, Animal Kingdom, came from waaaayyy behind. Almost out of nowhere, like Mine That Bird last year. But poor Archarcharch- injured early on. Non life-threatening, but likely career-ending. :( Ouchouchouch. I was rooting for Pants on Fire, because he had a female jockey.

Some other stuff behind the cut...

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Part 2 of today's post- Doctor Who, "Curse of the Black Spot". Just a few reactions I a possible WTF spoiler I saw through [ profile] doctor_who  .Behind the cut. Really, this spoiler is a whopper. Don't click. Don't even click. Click and you're dead spoiled.

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Rand Paul is going to the Senate. Great.

Fuck the Tea Party.

If Sharron Angle wins in Nevada, I will lose ALL hope for this country. (Not that I like Harry Reid much, but he's better than the alternative).

Boy, if you thought things were bad now, guess how fucked we're going to get with these Tea Party fools in any kind of power. I feel bad for moderate Republicans. The good ones got trashed in favor of idiots.

ETA- The Republicans have the House. Now we're going to be stuck with the Oompa Loompa Boehner as Speaker of the House...

Enjoy your victory now, Tea Baggers. When America sees just how batshit you are and how much you'll fuck the country over, you'll be voted out in droves.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:49 am
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I've been on this train at the Louisville Zoo.

My cousin Sarah used to work at the Zoo during summer breaks- that's where she met her husband. It's a nice zoo.

Hope those kids are going to be okay.

Other unhappy news: Debris from Air France Flight 447 may have been found:

Seats and a life vest  were seen floating among the debris. Sounds like it could only be Flight 447. :( I knew there wasn't any hope the plane had survived. It's just awful news.

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My voice didn't give out. We did a nice anthem, and one of my favorite hymns, The Summons. Both the hymn and anthem are based on Scottish tunes! There was bad news from a choir member, though- her cancer has come back and she's starting treatment again this week. :( It's ovarian cancer, so this is not a good thing. Prayers would be appreciated...she's a much loved member of the choir.

I went shopping today- my favorite downtown store (besides the cross stitch shop, of course), The Cat's Closet, had some new Laurel Burch purse designs. I'm glad to see the company is still bringing out new designs- Burch died in 2007. :(  I assume she had a lot of designs to make new stuff from. Here's the one I chose:

Finally, I finished a beaded necklace:

The rest of my bead update is here:
My aunt had some bad news this week- one of our favorite Louisville restaurants burned down! :( It was Cafe Mimosa, one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in Louisville (if not the first). It had been there for around forty years! They plan to rebuild. I hope so!
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The sightseeing!

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And I'm very, very, very tired. Had a blast all week. I was only able to get on the computer once the whole time. I haven't even seen much of the news on television, either, and had no time to read papers- so I have no idea what's been happening in the world except for Kentucky and Indiana!

Many pics to share later. Need to unpack and sleep now.

I've just browsed my f-list, will catch up later!

*is tired*

Jun. 8th, 2008 06:50 pm
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The wedding was lovely. Sarah was absolutely beautiful! The reception was something else. I would never have thought to have a wedding reception at the Kentucky Derby Museum! I'll have a ton of pictures later...

Speaking of horses, the Belmont race happened during the wedding. After the ceremony, guests were checking messages on their cellphones! No one could believe that Big Brown lost so badly!

The reception lasted until almost midnight. I slept really late this morning, then had brunch at Lynn's (again!) with the rest of the family. Then most of us went on a boat tour of the Ohio River. It was hot, but fun. There was a bluegrass band playing, too.

No idea what we're doing over the next two days.
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It's been a weird week. The storms on Wednesday left my city without power- and my family had to leave before we knew it was fixed. Dad called the power company yesterday, and it was finally back on. Probably lost everything in the fridge...yuck.

So I'm in Kentucky- spent most of yesterday shopping and meeting my cousin's friends. Sarah and Richard loved their present! They were very impressed with my work. The wedding is tonight, followed by a reception at the Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby museum. That should be fun! I'll have plenty of pictures to share.

The wedding is at the same time as the Belmont Stakes, so I'll have to wait until the news tonight to see if Big Brown is a Triple Crown winner!

The rest of the trip will be spent with family- doing what, I have no idea! I know we'll be going downtown at least. I hope we'll go to Lynn's again, and maybe the Hard Rock Cafe.

I'm home!

Oct. 15th, 2007 08:32 pm
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The  wedding was lovely, and I had a great little trip. I went with Mom and Dad for a drive on the Blue Ridge Mountains parkway on the way home. Did a lot of shopping, too. But I'm very tired!

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Well, here I am in Louisville, sitting in the hotel room, and nursing a terrible cold. Constant sniffling and a 101 fever. Yuck. So instead of spending the afternoon at the movies with my mom and aunt, I spent it in bed, drinking juice and trying to rest so I'll be at least presentable at the wedding tomorrow!

The good news is that I actually found a dress for the wedding this morning. And I look good enough in it that I might allow myself to be photographed wearing it. I love Dillards! And I had a lovely lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. And I did a ton of cross stitching. So the weekend hasn't been a total loss!

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize! Woot!


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