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Today has not been a good day. Terrible storms in my area. I've been feeling like complete crap for two days. Can't tell if it's the weather, a depressive episode, some kind of illness, or all of the above. I wanted to stay in bed most of the day. And now I have a migraine.

And oh yeah, we're going to war. Trump has started bombing Syria, and the only thing that is going to accomplish is pissing off Putin and Russia.

And Don Rickles died. Yeah, he was ninety, but it's still sad. RIP, you hockey puck!

Had a very successful shopping trip this week, though. Three new dresses, a new purse, a top, and a pair of leggings. Katie took me to her crack dealer- AKA a LuLaRoe party/open house. She bought me a dress as payment for watching Giada last weekend!

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Current music- Frank Zappa’s “Why Does it Hurt When I Pee?”

Why? Because I had a cystoscopy (bladder scope) today, and (TMI alert) it hurts to pee and also I’m peeing out blood. Yuck. At least the test was clear. Yay.

The test itself was uncomfortable and there was pinching involved. And I had to race to the bathroom as soon as I was dressed again.

And did I mention I have to do this again in six months, just in case?


Mar. 27th, 2017 01:21 am
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I am still awake because I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. I'm having a cystoscopy. It's not going to be fun. This is just a last test to rule out anything not seen in my kidney/abdomen ultrasounds and CT scans. Hopefully I'll get good results.

To cheer myself up, I'm going to do a bit of shopping before I check in (the medical center is right behind Jo Ann Fabric and Kohl's). Later in the week I'm picking up my new dress for Easter!

A more cheerful note- new doll outfits! Rebecca has a new spring dress, Melody gets a play outfit, and Maryellen is dressed up like a majorette! (The majorette outfit is Our Generation, but it suits ME and Melody so well!)


I can't get over how freaking cute Maryellen is! I got the outfit because it reminds me of photos of Aunt Pauletta in her majorette outfit.

I also put together a little bookcase for the mini dolls:

Not much else going on. I went to the Casino Night sponsored by Mom's Rotary club, and it was okay. I got to dress up, at least! And Katie took me to a mini wine tasting- five samples for free when she picked up her wine order. She's determined to turn me into a wine lover. I have photos from both events that I'll post later.

I'm house sitting for Katie twice before Easter, which will give me time to cross stitch. Sarah's new baby girl is due in May, and I need to get cracking on her birth sampler!

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I went to my first choir rehearsal at St. Paul's. It's good to be singing in a choir again. The director is the same woman who did the Fredericksburg Community Chorus Messiah every year for many years...until my sister took over for a couple of years. Anyway, she's been trying to get both Katie and me to join St. Paul's Masterworks choir for years, and now she has us in both regular church choir and Masterworks! We're doing the Brahms Requiem in June. I'm excited to be able to do a major work again, and I've never done the whole Brahms. 

I was a complete moron yesterday and forgot to take my meds. I was sick as a dog today. I just can't do that. 

An update.

Jan. 17th, 2017 12:02 pm
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So last week I had a mammogram, and there was something a bit off. I had to have a second one today. There was some calcification that could have been a problem, so they did a scan with extra magnification (which meant extra squishing- ouch!). The new scans were okay! The radiologist told me that she could tell by the shape of the spots that they were benign. Whew!
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I had a mammogram earlier this week. Today I got a call from the imaging department. They want to do another scan of one breast because there was calcification. They want a closer look, because there's a 10-15% chance of it being cancer. Small chance, but it bugs me. Ugh.
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Just got my latest lab results back. I have to have another renal ultrasound and a second blood test. On top of that, yesterday I had to have an x-ray because of a possible cracked rib. What is going on with me?

The good news is I've lost about seven pounds. :p
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My newest cross stitch- one of the chairs in Mirabilia's Sitting Pretty series.
 photo 743982_zpsc2d572c7.jpg

I've done a lot of work on it already.

A surprise at Barnes and Noble- a new mini American Girl. This is Isabelle, the Girl of the Year for 2014. They've never done minis for the Girls of the Year before. She's cute.

 photo isabelle_zpsdcad98c1.jpg

Had my annual eye exam yesterday- everything was good, don't need new glasses, etc. But I need to go back for a baseline test for future checkups for glaucoma. Ugh. Also, the dye they used for pressure tests plus dilation gave me a whopping migraine. :(
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My tests came back. I have a tiny, tiny cyst on my thyroid (5mm). Doc isn't worried because my blood tests were okay, but she wants me to have another ultrasound in six months. Other than that, things seem to be fine. Not so worried now.

I can't wait for these- Catching Fire Katniss and Effie Barbie and Peeta Ken! Not available until after Christmas, which blows. Too bad they couldn't get them ready in time for the movie release.

 photo katnissbarbie_zpsa2d91097.png photo peetaken_zps2d73bafa.png photo effiebarbie_zps377e0faf.png
Needless to say, I've pre-ordered them. I especially love Effie. Her outfit looks almost normal! LOL!


Oct. 13th, 2013 11:42 pm
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The Redskins suck. That is all. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH.

But yay, Broncos! 7-0.

I had that thyroid ultrasound on Friday. I should have the results tomorrow. I hope this doesn't lead to more tests, especially now that I feel better. :p
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My new inhaler is taking good care of my coughing fits/mild asthma, but it's making me tired and depressed. I've barely been able to get out of bed the last two days. It always takes me a week or so to adjust to a new medication, especially a strong one. I hope this isn't going to be permanent. My doctor doesn't think it will be, but she wanted to keep me breathing until it passes!

Mom and Dad went to Louisville. They've met baby Riley, and are totally smitten. I hope I get to see her eventually. Sarah loved the cross stitch I did for her:
 photo riley_zpsbe9153fd.jpg

A RennerHawk moment- it's been a while. The character posters for American Hustle are out- here is Jeremy. God...the hair...the clothes! The 70s were horrible. But he is still kinda hot.

 photo 10071875055_f25febfddb_o_zpscb7523e5.jpg
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So, my tests are back. Doctor says I have mild asthma, and prescribed an inhaler. Lovely. Then, she said my thyroid looked enlarged, so I have to have another ultrasound! Gah! If something's wrong with the thyroid, though, that could explain the weight gain/inability to lose weight.
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Cough came back, went back to the doctor. She gave me more meds plus an order for X-rays and a pulmonary function test. At least she's thorough. Meds are already working on the cough, but I am tired beyond belief. I was supposed to ring with the bell choir today, but couldn't get out of bed. Fortunately, the director had a sub for me. Regular choir needed me, though. I couldn't have sung anyway. We were down two sopranos, me and Alison (not my cousin Alison!). Her excuse is better than mine- she had a baby girl this weekend. :)

Not going to Louisville. Too sick, plus I can't board Rory. What a pest.


Sep. 18th, 2013 03:54 pm
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Dear antibiotics and cough meds, I'm 90% better. But you're making me so tired that I may as well be still sick. No love, me. And ear drops? You are just gross.

Seriously, I need a nap and it's late afternoon. I could go to bed now and not wake up until after midnight. And then could go right back to bed after that.

I'm not going to Louisville, it looks like. Rory can't be boarded because he won't eat. And if he's left alone at home, even with someone coming to feed him, he won't eat and he'll starve and die. I love that cat, but I just don't understand why he's so needy and why he won't accept other people...he HATES Katie. He loves Paul (all animals love Paul!), but Katie is always with him when he comes over. LOL. I really wanted to go. I want to meet Riley and Benjy while they're still babies! :( Mom has promised me that we'll go to New York around Christmas if I can't go to Kentucky, though.

Addition to my last entry- I was just helping Mom water the garden. She actually has four pumpkins growing! One is tiny and may not survive the first frost. But that probably won't happen until late October.
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I watched Say Anything last night.

Still one of my favorite movie scenes EVER:
 photo tumblr_mt3fvdxLlM1qbfdw0o1_1280_zps39dc07e7.jpg

*plays In Your Eyes* *looks out window* *still no Lloyd Dobler waiting for me* *cries*

Went shopping in Richmond with Mom, Dad, and Sam. They have a nice Dillard's at the South Pump Town Center...and a huge motherfucking Nordstrom's! Holy cow, I've never seen one so huge. Spent all the time in Dillard's- maybe I'll go back later for Nordstrom's, just for shits and giggles.

Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Excellent chicken marsala, and a huge slice of Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake for dessert. I ate 2/3 of it. I REGRET NOTHING.

I'm still sick. Almost better, though. The meds are making me very tired.
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Not at all. She prescribed half a pharmacy. :p Two cough meds, ear drops, nasal spray, and an antibiotic. Oh, joy. On the plus side, I've lost five pounds. And I'll probably lose more, knowing how I react to antibiotics...
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Finally saw The Numbers Station. It wasn’t too bad. It was a bit claustrophobic. I liked John Cusack as usual. He’s hard not to like, even when the movie is shit. And this wasn’t shit, really. Plot- burned-out assassin is assigned to watch over a numbers station operator- station is taken over by bad guys. Good guys have to figure out how the station was compromised and what happened to the other operators (duh, they’re already dead) and how to undo the damage. By the numbers (sorry) plot with decent acting.

Spoilers about Bryan Dick’s character ahead….

Just had a bit of fun tallying up all the bad things that happen to poor Bryan in this one: Head smashed against a locker (twice), beaten up in general, FIRE EXTINGUISHER SMASHED IN HIS FACE, hand cut off….and even then, he still manages to crawl off (conveniently leaving a blood trail for Cusack to follow), get a gun and shoot one of the bad guys before finally being shot dead! I think that’s the most abuse the poor woobie has had in his career…all in one movie. Oh, yeah, he had a girlfriend in this one (well he was grabbing her ass)...the one he was protecting- and was actually supposed to kill if the station were compromised. So basically, the whole station getting overrun by bad guys was his fault. Love makes people do DUMB things...

Working on screepcaps of Poor Woobie from this. Man, he can take a beating.

I also saw Bryan in the miniseries The Ice Cream Girls. His part was fairly small, but A. He didn't die. and B. He got the girl.

Meanwhile, I've had the cold from hell all week. It's really knocked me on my ass. I thought I was getting better, but suddenly felt worse this morning, If I still feel bad tomorrow, it's back to the doctor for me. ARRGH.


Aug. 22nd, 2013 10:49 pm
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So, I had my tooth filled...after having my gum cut with a laser. OUCH. I can still feel the will take a week for them to dissolve. And my whole jaw was pretty rough! And after all that, she told me I'll have to get a crown on that tooth eventually! Jeez.

I couldn't eat much after. I had a Frosty from Wendy's for lunch! :p

Went to Michaels after to cheer myself up, and lo and behold, Art-i-Cake has a new line of Christmas and Halloween charms! I bought a bunch of Christmas stuff:
 photo christmasamycharms_zpsb1e3ad00.jpg

I bought one Halloween pendant, and made a necklace right away:
 photo candycorn_zps5799a9d5.jpg

Finally, I stitched the first of three Star Trek insignia ornanments:
 photo trekornament_zps870ebb5f.jpg

These will be great additions to my Trek-mas tree! And "He's Dead, Jim" is so small I might turn it into an ornament, too.

It took a while for the numbness to wear off today...and now I'm very tired.And still hurting. Going to bed early!
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I finished up two of my cross stitch designs with cheap frames that I stained with ink.

 photo candyframe_zps4c1dffe5.jpg

 photo arrowframe_zps4a97b80b.jpg

Had fun at Michaels today. They had several of their Art-i-cake and Industrial Chic items on clearance, so I picked some up.

I needed that. I've had a crappy day. First, I went to the dentist...everything was okay, except for one cavity that's going to be a bitch to take care of. I have to have a gingivectomy- part of my gum has to be cut with a laser before the cavity can be drilled and filled. Oh, lovely. Then, I found out I can't see my doctor for another two weeks...and I'm running out of meds. They're going to send a one-month prescription to tide me over, but I've never had to wait so long for my doctor! I'm surprised they didn't give me an appointment with the assistant, who can write prescriptions, That's better than waiting an extra two weeks! Arrrghhhh!

To top off my sucky day, I was stung by a wasp tonight. Ugh. Luckily, I had baking soda on hand, which quickly neutralized the venom. So I have a little bump on my palm, but it doesn't hurt.

And the heat is awful...but everyone's dealing with that so I won't whine. It's going to cool down a bit this weekend...good, because I'm going to the Nats/Dodgers game Saturday night!
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Had a lovely migraine just before dinner. It went away after a dose of ibuprofen, some Coke, and putting a cold washcloth over my eyes for an hour. But now it's three in the morning and I can't sleep! I HATE this...


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