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First off, Gabby has arrived! She's adorable.

Meeting the other modern girls.

Mini gumball machine!

Mother's Day cake- Coconut lime mojito. It was delicious! And Mom loved it.

Flowers from the installation reception at church.

Ingleside Plantation wine tasting. I went with Katie.

The lilies are arriving early this year.

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I just got new spring outfits for Kit and Ruthie, so I took them into the garden to pose them with the daffodils.

There's going to be a cold snap this weekend with possible snow, so I thought I'd better get the photos while I still could...

One more doll. Mini Tenney arrived. I gave her a little guitar.

She's very cute, but I still have no interest in the big doll or her collection (or her boy companion).

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Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Dog sitting for Katie. Giada likes the leaves!

Katie's old barn and big tree.

Good morning, King George!

Mom's roses are still blooming.

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Happy Halloween!

Didn't really decorate much, but I dressed up Jess as Merida and Emma Louise as Batgirl.

I made this little pumpkin patch in a pumpkin!

And I carved little pumpkins for the mini dolls.

Four of Mom's volunteer pumpkins from the "accidental" pumpkin patch. There are still more to harvest.

Still singing at the old church. Dad and I are constantly fielding questions about why Mom isn't with us, and why Katie hasn't been coming either. It's hard to explain to people, but for now we're just saying we need a change. Most of our church friends know why we're leaving and understand completely. Dad and I are sticking it out until January to support our director before he leaves.

Katie and Sam are doing okay. Katie is back at work full time. It's hard for her to be alone now that Paul's gone, but she's dealing with it. We're still making plans for a family Thanksgiving.


Sep. 6th, 2016 11:20 pm
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Mom's accidental pumpkin patch. A pumpkin was tossed into the woods last winter, and when the trees were cut down, the seeds scattered and grew and kept growing! There are several pumpkins on the vines.

I hope they're ready before we get a killing frost.

Also, I'm working on a little kitchen for mini Grace. The furniture came today. I've put everything in a temporary box display, but it's too small for all of the furniture. There's also a table with four chairs that was made just for the mini dolls, and I'm going to get a baker's rack, too.

The table will be painted white. The chairs are exactly right for the dolls, but they really can't all sit at the table at once because their legs get in the way!

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The last of the lilies have come and gone. There were only a few Stargazer lilies, but they were gorgeous!

The zenias and cleomes are coming up, too.

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The babies are flying, and have pretty much left the nest. Mama is still hanging around, so they probably still sleep in the flower basket.

Here's a photo of the last one to leave:

They are definitely house finches. I finally got a good look at mama and she matches the bird guide photo exactly.

Katie and Paul celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this week. I made them a cake:

Here's their reception photo from July 5, 1986!

We had a family lunch in Colonial Beach today. It was gorgeous out, and we drove around near the beach.

I haven't been to a beach in a long time. I wish I could have gone swimming today!

So sweet!

Jul. 7th, 2016 09:27 pm
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Mini Melody is here! I can't wait to get the big version.

More Captain America: Civil War goodies:

Baby birdie update- cute little baby faces!

They're still in the nest. This photo was taken two days ago.
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The babies are getting bigger every day. They'll probably be flying away soon.

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The flower basket babies are gold finches! I actually got a good look at mama bird today.


Jun. 27th, 2016 05:29 pm
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The eggs hatched! Four fluffy, chirping chicks.

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Not eagles, of course, but probably robins. Found this while watering the hanging flower baskets today. Well, I knew it was there, so I took the basket down to water. I didn't know how many eggs were in it! Saw the mama bird later. Hope the babies hatch!

Speaking of new life, one of my mom's rose bushes got uprooted and trampled by an animal, probably a deer. It looked pretty dead when she replanted it, but with a lot of care, watering, and patience, it survived! We call it the Lazarus Rose now. And it's blooming!

It took almost two months for it to recover.

ETA- I didn't even notice the little bug in the rose until after I posted this.
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The last of the 2016 limited edition mini American Girls, Josefina!

A summer party for Emma and Jess:

70s summer fun outfits for Julie and Ivy (Ivy's roller disco outfit is new):

Finally, lilies, lilies, lilies!

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Here's Jess!

She's "borrowing" Julie's sandals. She's in such good shape. I just had to brush her hair after I unpacked her.

Also found a mini piano for the music room box I'm planning:

Here are the photos I keep forgetting to post from May: flowers and a Cinqo de Mayo margarita!

Had this fun drink at Carlos O'Kelly's- the little light changed colors:

Some more early flowers, and a little toad visitor.

One other project I finished- a mini bookcase made out of a jewelry box insert:

Two cross stitch finishes: a present for Mom, and "Red Sugar", which I finally finished this week!

Julie and Ivy in summer outfits!

I think I'm caught up photo wise.
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First tulip!

More are popping up. The daffodils have kind of exploded everywhere, too! I'll have to take more photos soon. It's supposed to get cold this weekend. Hopefully that will be the last cold snap of the year!

I'm working on a mini garden shed for the Shelf Avengers. It's almost done:

There's also a gazebo and bench. Hawkeye and Black Widow like it.
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First daffodils!

It's been really nice out. It was almost 80 degrees two days in a row!
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Emi the Archer, from Nora Corbett's Bewitching Pixies.

I liked stitching this one. Not as many colors or beads as other Mirabilia charts.

Also, I forgot to post photos of some even more gorgeous lilies. They're all done now, but they were amazing this year:

More Stargazers, and some day lilies:

The flowers were just amazing this year And the garden isn't done!
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Mom's Stargazer lilies are blooming. They're my favorite.

The cleomes are up, too!

Suddenly, wild blackberries appear!

A little Black Widow bobblehead joined my Hawkeye display. Hawkeye bobblehead is pleased!

Finally, some of the Shelf Avengers got together to celebrate the Fourth of July and Captain America's birthday with a little barbecue!

Didn't do much over the holiday weekend, just a cookout with Mom, Dad, Katie, and Paul. Nice little get-together. Some neighbors set off fireworks, though, and terrified the poor cat.
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Here come the cucumbers!

Hawkeye approves!

Also, carrots!


Jun. 6th, 2015 08:57 pm
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Here they come...

Also, Rory is a silly cat. That's my dinner, not yours!


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