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First off, Gabby has arrived! She's adorable.

Meeting the other modern girls.

Mini gumball machine!

Mother's Day cake- Coconut lime mojito. It was delicious! And Mom loved it.

Flowers from the installation reception at church.

Ingleside Plantation wine tasting. I went with Katie.

The lilies are arriving early this year.


Mar. 27th, 2017 01:21 am
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I am still awake because I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. I'm having a cystoscopy. It's not going to be fun. This is just a last test to rule out anything not seen in my kidney/abdomen ultrasounds and CT scans. Hopefully I'll get good results.

To cheer myself up, I'm going to do a bit of shopping before I check in (the medical center is right behind Jo Ann Fabric and Kohl's). Later in the week I'm picking up my new dress for Easter!

A more cheerful note- new doll outfits! Rebecca has a new spring dress, Melody gets a play outfit, and Maryellen is dressed up like a majorette! (The majorette outfit is Our Generation, but it suits ME and Melody so well!)


I can't get over how freaking cute Maryellen is! I got the outfit because it reminds me of photos of Aunt Pauletta in her majorette outfit.

I also put together a little bookcase for the mini dolls:

Not much else going on. I went to the Casino Night sponsored by Mom's Rotary club, and it was okay. I got to dress up, at least! And Katie took me to a mini wine tasting- five samples for free when she picked up her wine order. She's determined to turn me into a wine lover. I have photos from both events that I'll post later.

I'm house sitting for Katie twice before Easter, which will give me time to cross stitch. Sarah's new baby girl is due in May, and I need to get cracking on her birth sampler!

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American Girl had a big press release today. Five new dolls, plus the return of Felicity! Gabi, the GOTY has already been released, and new!Felicity and the contemporary characters Tenney and Logan (first boy doll) come this week. Later in the year is the one I'm most excited about- Nanea!:

1941, Hawaii. Just around the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. She has a new face mold and is absolutely beautiful. Her accessories include a lei and ukulele!

The final doll is "Z" Yang, the Z Crew doll (that's an AG tech thing). So in one year, three dolls of color. Almost makes up for the unnecessary boy doll (really, AG?) and YET ANOTHER
 WHITE GIRL. There's also the possibility of a seventh doll, a Bangladeshi-American friend of the contemporary dolls. That would make four dolls of color in one year!

Mini Leah and Mini Isabelle found some mini Valentine's Day cards!

We celebrated Sam's birthday today instead of Thursday because he had today off. I can't believe he's 25!!! And he looks so much like his dad in this photo:

I got a little "candy box" of catnip mice for Rory. He spent the rest of the day stoned!
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My youngest cousin, Amelia, turned 30 today. 30. Good God, I was in high school when she was born. Katie was already out of college and married by then! 

I wanted to go to the Women's March in D.C., but my anxiety means I don't do well in crowds. I had to be satisfied with watching it on T.V.! What a crowd- 500,000 estimated in D.C. alone. Roughly 4 million across the U.S., millions more worldwide. I'll try to make the next one.
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I finally had that "Advent calendar lunch" with Katie, and we did some shopping. She also gave me an extra present, a cute nightshirt. Also, I found an app that lets me put my itunes stuff on my phone. And finally, I learned that one of my favorite nail polishes (Deborah Lippmann's Whatever Lola Wants) is still available, and a new bottle is on its way to me! Unfortunately, my favorite, 99 Luftballons, is discontinued. :(

And this cute little guy arrived- the Black Knight from Minimates. Usually, I think they're ugly figures, but BK isn't.

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Christmas Eve was definitely my last at my soon to be former church. It was not a good service, despite good music from the choir. I HATE the way our new pastors do things. The scriptures were from a "modern" type Bible, communion was rushed and confused, and the sermon was trite and meaningless. I got a much better experience at St. Paul's Christmas Day service this morning.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve luncheon in Richmond- Mom, Dad, me, Katie, Sam, and Sam's girlfriend, Janice. It was an excellent seafood place called Boathouse. Great food and a nice if foggy view of downtown Richmond.

Great company, too. Janice is nice, and was a big help to Sam during Paul's last week. I think she's a keeper. ;) Sam has dyed his hair very very blond...

We had presents and dessert at Sam's, and the rest of the presents opened either at Mom and Dad's or Katie's.

Sam's tree.

Christmas cake- it was a "cannoli" cake: white cake, cannoli-like filling, ganache frosting, candied orange garnish. It was wonderful.

Truman the cat was very interested in the cake crumbs.

Great presents this year- cute pajamas, Michaels gift card, a gorgeous cat art print, chocolate, and the Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray from Katie and Sam; two beautiful dresses, a bottle of Dolce perfume, a cookie baking book, a Paris-themed comforter set, and American Girl Rebecca, with her Hanukkah dress and accessories!

Rory got new toys.

Beautiful roses given to the choir members by our director:

Christmas dinner was just me, Katie, Mom, and Dad. We had a nice, simple but elegant dinner. Unfortunately Katie and I are both sick. It was also kind of weird. It's our first Christmas without Paul, and we got through it.

I'm spending the last of Christmas Day watching the Broncos get their asses kicked by the Chiefs. :( What happened to the Super Bowl 50 champs?

Also, I'm listening to various Wham! and George Michael songs. I can't believe he died today.
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What it says on the tin. Behind a cut because it's a lot.

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Happy Halloween!

Didn't really decorate much, but I dressed up Jess as Merida and Emma Louise as Batgirl.

I made this little pumpkin patch in a pumpkin!

And I carved little pumpkins for the mini dolls.

Four of Mom's volunteer pumpkins from the "accidental" pumpkin patch. There are still more to harvest.

Still singing at the old church. Dad and I are constantly fielding questions about why Mom isn't with us, and why Katie hasn't been coming either. It's hard to explain to people, but for now we're just saying we need a change. Most of our church friends know why we're leaving and understand completely. Dad and I are sticking it out until January to support our director before he leaves.

Katie and Sam are doing okay. Katie is back at work full time. It's hard for her to be alone now that Paul's gone, but she's dealing with it. We're still making plans for a family Thanksgiving.
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Redskins, Broncos, and the Nationals won today. The Nationals are the NL East Champs again, and are in the playoffs!

Dad and I took Mom to BWI Airport for her flight to Louisville. She's staying with Aunt Pauletta for a week. Originally, I was going to go, too, but she decided she wanted to go alone.

Bon Voyage! I love watching planes take off and land.

After her flight left, Dad and I went to Tysons Corner to shop. I had a lot of fun at American Girl Place! I loved the displays.

I was planning to buy Maryellen's Christmas Cookie set, but I didn't see it until I'd already checked out. I did get her holiday party outfit, Samantha's Be Forever Meet dress, a doll T-shirt, and the special Purchase with Purchase outfit. I'll post the photos tomorrow. I also have Melody's Christmas dress on the way.

I was tempted to get one of the Wellie Wishers, but decided to hold off. I can get them at Toys R Us.

We spilt a pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, and did some shopping for Mom's birthday. I haven't been to Lord and Taylor or Bloomingdale's in ages. Didn't buy anything, but loved looking at the displays, like this one for Louis Vuitton.


Sep. 24th, 2016 12:28 am
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Dad's birthday is tomorrow, but we had dinner at Katie's tonight. I tried a new cake from a book I got for my birthday:

It's called a London Fog cake. It's a chocolate cake with Earl Grey tea buttercream and a salted caramel topping. It was delicious and insanely rich. I made real, Swiss-style buttercream for the first time. It's so complicated but so worth it!

New outfit for Maryellen! Cute pajamas with a little doll to match.


Aug. 21st, 2016 12:26 pm
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It's pretty much a unanimous decision in the family to leave our church. We like the new pastors less and less each week. I didn't even go today. Granted, I've been sick all weekend, but I don't know how much longer I can stand going anyway. I don't know how we're going to break the news to the choir director that he's losing me and my dad. We're going to the Episcopal Church every other week to try it out. Still have to go to our regular church because of activities we're signed up least until we're ready to transfer membership. It breaks my heart. I've gone to that church for half of my life now. But the changes this summer have been too radical. It's not a Methodist Church anymore. And the sad thing is, a lot of the members seem to like the changes. I feel like we're being driven away.
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Paul's birthday was Friday, so we all went down to Richmond for lunch. We had his cake at Sam's new apartment.

It's a nice place. Truman the cat seems happy there!

Didn't go up to Tyson's Corner. It's been too hot and traffic has been terrible this week. I might go in the fall. Mom already bought gift cards for me to use online.

*is tired*

Jul. 21st, 2016 11:16 pm
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I spent the day with Mom and Katie. First, Katie had to go to D.C. to drop off Paul's Department of Energy badge and keys. Several of his former co-workers came out to talk to Katie even though they knew Paul wasn't with us. They miss him terribly. He'd wanted to come in today, but was too tired. He has his good days and bad days.

After that, we headed to National Harbor. We had lunch at a great seafood place, The Walrus. I had the best fried shrimp I'd had in years!

We did some shopping on the waterfront and at the outlet after lunch. There wasn't time to go on the Wheel, but Mom and I plan to come back for my birthday.

The Peeps store was fun!

I got a cute plush Peep bunny, and a free Peep beach ball!

We're celebrating Paul's birthday in Richmond tomorrow, because Sam is off work. Monday, Dad is taking me to Tyson's Corner, so we can go to the American Girl store. Melody isn't available until August 25th, but Dad is getting gift cards for her, and I might get one of the Wellie Wishers. They're so cute. I haven't been to Tyson since before the AG store opened, so I'm looking forward to the shopping!
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In Nice, this time, on Bastille Day, no less. Van plowed into a crowd, dozens dead. UGH. :(

ETA: At least 70 dead. God.

Mom and I were worried that Cecile and her boys were there, because we know they've been in South France this week. Cecile sent a message that she's fine, they aren't in Nice. But they were fairly close, on the coast.
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The babies are flying, and have pretty much left the nest. Mama is still hanging around, so they probably still sleep in the flower basket.

Here's a photo of the last one to leave:

They are definitely house finches. I finally got a good look at mama and she matches the bird guide photo exactly.

Katie and Paul celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this week. I made them a cake:

Here's their reception photo from July 5, 1986!

We had a family lunch in Colonial Beach today. It was gorgeous out, and we drove around near the beach.

I haven't been to a beach in a long time. I wish I could have gone swimming today!


Jun. 30th, 2016 11:40 pm
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Rory has finally warmed up to Katie. Usually he hides if he even knows she's coming over. Tonight she came over to watch a Broadway live stream of She Loves Me. She was here for almost three hours, and Rory slowly came out. First he stared at her, then crept closer and closer, and finally let her scratch his head! He hasn't let her go near him since he was a kitten. Progress!

She Loves Me was awesome. I wish we could have gone to New York to see it in person, but it closes next week.
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Sam was the only producer/newswriter at his station last night, and had to scramble to re-write for the newscasters. I don't envy the jobs of those working in the news, especially television. He had to be on top of the news "wires" and be ready for NBC to break in with special reports, etc. It's going to be like this for him for a long time.

This has been a draining day. Waking up to the horrible news of the shooting, and having to say goodbye to both our senior and associate pastors at church today. I'm really going to miss them. I really had a hard time keeping it together today. I had to turn off the television and all social media for a while because I just didn't want to deal with humans today.

Can 2016 just be over already? I'm so afraid that Trump is going to win the election, because you just know he's going to use the fact that the shooter was a Muslim as fuel for his anti Muslim, anti immigrant (never mind the shooter was an American born citizen) campaign.
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First, my cake!

More under the cut.

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They're adding a patio room to the back of the house. It begins at the back door, where the top level of the deck starts...

It's going to be really nice! It's almost finished...

As of today, the windows and screens are in, and stairs have been added. All that's left to do is to put in the electricity and insulation, and flooring.
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We got about six inches yesterday. But the good news is, it almost all melted by this afternoon!

Got some nice photos, though. I put the gingerbread house from Christmas out for the birds, and it got covered with snow.

And I took Emma Louise out in her cute coat.

It was pretty out there.

Mom and I went to see Buddy- the Buddy Holly Story at the Riverside Theater. It was a fun show. We both really enjoyed it.

Got some cute stuff for Valentine's Day. Katie got me these cute Star Wars plushies:

And Mom and Dad gave me this set for my doll collection:

The cake stand is too cute! I can't wait to do a spring display for the dolls.

I've ordered a beautiful pink 50's style lace dress for Maryellen, which Emma Louise will borrow for Easter. :p

Comics talk- the solicitations for May from Marvel are out, and Hawkeye was missing. Black Knight is gone, must they take Hawkeye, too? I hope it's just a break. Meanwhile, the title of Black Knight's trade paperback is "The Fall of Dane Whitman". I hope that's not a hint about his fate. Of course, it's already been hinted that he'll be around.


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