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A new outfit and accessories for Emily. She and Molly have cookies for Santa! I found the set (dress, stocking, gift box, cookie tray) at A.C. Moore.

Mini Ivy and Julie play Operation. It's actually a Hallmark ornament that lights up and buzzes like the real thing!

New ornaments for the Trek-Who-Mas Tree- the Enterprise C from the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise", and a scary Doctor Who Weeping Angel!
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The last little bit for Grace's bakery- a tea cart.

I added a curtain, too. It's pretty much finished, except for a door. I glued the treats to the furniture, and all the furniture to the floor, except for the chairs and tea cart.

I found a good place to display the new Doctor Who toys- on top of the bakery box!

FInally saw Ant-Man yesterday. I loved it! It was a fun movie, with plenty of action and good effects. Paul Rudd made a good Scott Lang/Ant-Man. Michael Douglas was Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. Great bits with Anthony Mackie as Falcon, too! Also, I wasn't expecting to see Peggy Carter at the beginning (a Pym flashback to 1989). It's sad that Janet Van Dyne, the orginal Wasp, is seemingly "lost forever" in the microverse (that's how she "died" at the end of Secret Invasion- she got better!), though there's a hint she might somehow come back. That would be awkward for her daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly)! The clip at the end of the credits are a hint to what will happen in Captain America: Civil War. There are also hints of other superheroes coming up, such as Spider-man. Warning- this is NOT a movie for bug-a-phobes!

Just like the Avengers, Ant-Man seems to be a mix of Marvel comic book universes, alternate timelines, Ultimates, etc. In the comics, Hope Van Dyne is from an alternate universe, and as Red Wasp, she's not exactly one of the good guys! Also disappointed that Scott's daughter, Cassie, is so little in the movie. No chance of her becoming Ant-Girl/Stature, and likely no chance for Young Avengers, either.

One of the best cameos was from Garrett Morris of Saturday Night Live. Back in the 70s, he played Ant-Man in a skit! And the best scene from the trailer (IMHO), the Ant-Man/Yellowjacket fight on Cassie's Thomas the Tank Engine play set, is even better on the big screen.
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My Star Trek/Doctor Who tree is up!

trekwhomas tree 1 trekwhomas tree 3

Rory likes my toy tree.

under the tree 1 under the tree 2

I went for a walk in downtown Fredericksburg to see the store windows today. There were some really nice ones...

xmas window 1 xmas window 2

But the best, of course, was at Whittingham's- this year, it's a Mother Goose theme.

xmas window 4
xmas window 6
xmas window 7

They look better at night, so I'll go back and take night shots.
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Mom and Katie and I were almost dressed alike on Mother's Day! Same color scheme.

 photo mothersday20214_zps1cf06d77.jpg

Mom's roses...the first two last week (they're really hot pink, color is off. Stupid camera phone):

 photo firstroses_zpscfe8804c.jpg

And this morning:

 photo rosesgoboom_zps6ac8328e.jpg


"It is no more! It has ceased to be. It is bereft of life, it has joined the choir eternal. It is an ex-fig tree!" Actually, it's just resting. :p Part of it was killed by our harsh winter...but some may grow back.

 photo poorfigtree2_zps19793d89.jpg

Paul has to have another gamma knife brain surgery next week, so I'm going to be house sitting. It will be weird to baby sit just one animal.

Finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier today. Awesome. But it makes the wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron that much harder...

This popped up at my library! I don't know what it was for, but it was pretty cool.

 photo librarytardis_zps5bdf4a52.jpg

Random comic funny- Poor Black Knight can't get a break with the women. (His fault for going after the married ones...)
 photo tumblr_mbql27oaxd1qlwb72o1_400_zps2578eb88.jpg
Polish the old Ebony Blade? *snicker* How did that one get by the Comic Code? (Yes, I'm twelve). And the funniest part of that panel is- Dane is such a dork (but adorable) that he wouldn't have known that phrase could mean jerking off.
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May 2014 suck less than 2013 for all of us. If 2013 did not suck for you, I hope 2014 is even better for you.

My feelings about 2013:
 photo 1502555_10152072984210256_603116460_n_zpsebd28df7.jpg

Thank you Malcolm Tucker/Twelfth Doctor. (They really need to let Peter Capaldi swear at least once on Doctor Who...)

Went to the Riverside Center with Mom and Dad to see White Christmas. Had a really nice time, got to get all dressed up in my formal dress. The whole theater was decorated for the event! The show was great, but the DJ for the party after was too damn loud!

Oh, I also had some stowaways...Clint, Tasha, Thor, and Sif wanted to tag along. (yes, the pictures suck. I was using my cell phone!)
 photo newyears1_zps21584ab9.jpg photo newyears3_zps815c65b5.jpg
 photo newyears5_zpse5de1766.jpg  photo newyears4_zpsb9341540.jpg

Saw American Hustle. It was awesome. Also saw Philomena, which was heartbreaking. Will elaborate on both later. Going to see Wolf of Wall Street and Saving Mr. Banks later this week...and I'm going to the Newseum on Friday to see the JFK Assassination exhibit (it closes next week), and the special Anchorman movie exhibit!
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Time of the Doctor...spoilers, sweetie.
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Day of the Doctor was awesome. That is all.

Spoiler-y thoughts...
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This cute little Adipose from Doctor Who was crocheted for me as part of an Etsy art exchange.

 photo adi_zpse029caa7.jpg
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The Twelfth Doctor is Peter Capaldi. I really only know him from Torchwood: Children of Earth. I think he'll be great! I'm glad they went with an older actor this time (born in 1958). I was afraid they'd go with someone even younger than Matt Smith was when he was cast! There were rumors that Daniel Rigby was being considered...too damn young, IMHO.

I'm going to miss Eleven, though...

And I wish Bryan Dick had been given a shot at it. A fan can dream, can't she?

ETA- just saw this on Facebook:

 photo 554025_535606286494067_2043610697_n_zps11fc1a12.jpg

The smoke should be blue. :p
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Matt Smith is leaving after the Christmas Special. :( I have no idea who would be a good Twelve. I'd love to see Bryan Dick get it, he's a Doctor Who fan and of course had been on Torchwood. I would be so happy if he got to do it.
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Woke up with a sore throat at 6:30 this morning. I took some medicine, drank some water and orange juice, and went back to be around 8:00. Didn't wake up again until 12:30. Ate lunch, checked email, got the mail, read the paper, played with Rory...and crashed again at 3:30 and didn't wake up again until 6:00. I don't do that unless I'm really sick. I managed to watch the season finale of Doctor Can't wait for the 50th Anniversary Special in November!

I can't be sick. The choir needs me tomorrow. And I was hoping to go see Star Trek Into Darkness after church and lunch!

I'm awake for now, playing with Tumblr and the "Renner's Chick Chat" (great group of ladies and one guy), so I'll have a little fun and hopefully will sleep normally tonight.

And Rory is at my feet, purring and begging to be played with.
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Every time I look, there's a new mark on my arm! What gives?

 photo silenceday_zps7176eff9.jpg

:p Happy Impossible Astronaut Day, my fellow Whovians!
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Had that renal ultrasound today. It was kind of weird. The tech took a long time with my left kidney. I won't know anything about the results for another day or so.

I was so stressed out that I decided I needed a treat after I was done, so I went shopping. Found these socks and had to have them:

 photo daleksocks_zpsdf3984aa.jpg

They had "Bow Ties are Cool" socks, too, but the Daleks were funnier. They're thigh-high socks. I'll probably only wear them at home.

Here's the latest photo of Rory, taken a couple of days ago.

 photo roryapril7_zps6e01beab.jpg

Handsome little furry bastard!
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Depressive episode or no depressive episode, I have to get stuff ready for Easter. Family is going out to eat, but we're having dessert at the house. I made a cake:

 photo eastercake_zpsccb047eb.jpg

I had fun splattering the cake and eggs with cocoa "paint".

Avengers Easter Egg Hunt:

 photo avengersegghunt1_zps345a633e.jpg

Clint and Tasha are having no luck. They just missed one. Cap will get it first.

 photo avengersegghunt2_zps87940423.jpg

Hulk and Iron Man found some!

 photo avengersegghunt3_zps1177491c.jpg

This will probably be it for Clintasha episodes for a while until I start feeling better. Brain is doing weird things still. Hopefully I'll pull something together for Cinco de Mayo.

Please don't spoil Doctor Who for me, folks. I'm going to wait to see it for a few days.

I was very much missed at choir practice this morning. That makes me feel slightly better. But I was in no shape to sing- lack of sleep and a night of crying drained my voice. I'll be much better for the choir tomorrow.

Happy Easter for those who celebrate! (and Happy Passover for any Jewish friends, but that's over, isn't it?)
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Worst pun ever! Loving The Snowmen- the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Won't spoil anything, but I just love Strax, Madame Vastra, and Jenny. And Clara is intriguing!
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Here's their reaction: "Take us, Doctor! We'd be great companions!" The Legs and The Nose, part 2?

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Just finished watching The Angels Take Manhattan. Great episode, but I'm still sniffling. :( It made me cry more than Doomsday and End of Time combined.

Mega spoiler under the cut...really, don't read if you haven't seen it yet.
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