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My youngest cousin, Amelia, turned 30 today. 30. Good God, I was in high school when she was born. Katie was already out of college and married by then! 

I wanted to go to the Women's March in D.C., but my anxiety means I don't do well in crowds. I had to be satisfied with watching it on T.V.! What a crowd- 500,000 estimated in D.C. alone. Roughly 4 million across the U.S., millions more worldwide. I'll try to make the next one.
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I can't believe it's been that long. It really does seem like yesterday. There really isn't anything to say that hasn't been said every year since.
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More stuff for mini Grace's kitchen!

The little mixer is my favorite piece.

I have a box that I'm going to fix up to be a little kitchen. I'm looking at some cute kitchen sets (Barbie sized) to use. Regular dollhouse furniture is too small.

Mom and Dad took me back up to National Harbor. I got some better photos of the Captial Wheel:

The ride was fun. I was a little nervous at first, because the gondolas shook a bit until we got to the top.

Up we go!

The view from the top.

Back on the ground.

*is tired*

Jul. 21st, 2016 11:16 pm
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I spent the day with Mom and Katie. First, Katie had to go to D.C. to drop off Paul's Department of Energy badge and keys. Several of his former co-workers came out to talk to Katie even though they knew Paul wasn't with us. They miss him terribly. He'd wanted to come in today, but was too tired. He has his good days and bad days.

After that, we headed to National Harbor. We had lunch at a great seafood place, The Walrus. I had the best fried shrimp I'd had in years!

We did some shopping on the waterfront and at the outlet after lunch. There wasn't time to go on the Wheel, but Mom and I plan to come back for my birthday.

The Peeps store was fun!

I got a cute plush Peep bunny, and a free Peep beach ball!

We're celebrating Paul's birthday in Richmond tomorrow, because Sam is off work. Monday, Dad is taking me to Tyson's Corner, so we can go to the American Girl store. Melody isn't available until August 25th, but Dad is getting gift cards for her, and I might get one of the Wellie Wishers. They're so cute. I haven't been to Tyson since before the AG store opened, so I'm looking forward to the shopping!
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Mini Grace tagged along. :p

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...for the Redskins. They got their asses kicked by the Cowboys today, in their final game of the season. 4-11. What a joke. They just can't get their crap together.

Broncos, on the other hand, are headed to the playoffs. Yay.

CSU lost their bowl game. They were trounced by Utah. I knew that would happen. But hey, bowl game! And a 10-3 record for the year! Bad news is, their coach took another job. Grrrrrr. Hope his replacement is even better.
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Spent four days in D.C. with Mom and Aunt Pauletta. Lots of photos behind the cut!

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Starfox joins the Shelf Avengers! And he's a hit with the girls.

 photo andnowstarfox1_zps75e8e4b0.jpg

He's so cute.

Well, crap. Lauren Bacall died last night. I wonder who the third celeb to die this week will be...:(

Headed to D.C. for the rest of the week with Mom and Aunt Pauletta. Should be fun! We're going to museums, the Kennedy Center to see The Lion King, a Nats game, and celebrate Katie's birthday at one of her favorite D.C. restaurants.
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Colorado State is going to a bowl game! Yeah, it's the New Mexico Bowl which nobody cares about, but I'm happy. A bowl game on a 7-6 record. I guess they took the fact that their schedule was pretty rough- making them play Alabama was awful!

Broncos win again! They're 11-2. Redskins continue to suck hard. They lost AGAIN. Time to fire some people.

The weather is getting nasty. It was hard getting to church, and there were only 50 people at 11:00 service. A fifth of them were choir members! Bell practice was cancelled today because of icing worries, which kind of sucks. The choir Carol Service is next week, and we haven't practiced in two weeks. Regular choir will be fine.

Had lunch downtown and took a bunch of photos of the store displays. There are some nice ones. I'll post the pictures later.
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Seriously. Four weeks before Christmas and I can't get moving. I'm feeling a bit lethargic. Maybe I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving! I have to get a new tree for my doll tree...I hope I can find a white one. I did manage to get out the Christmas dishes today. I'll unpack ornaments, stockings, greenery, toys, and linens tomorrow.

I actually sang in choir today, but my voice gave out. Two weeks until the Carol Service. I hope my voice will return.

Redskins suck. They lost again tonight. Broncos won, though! And Colorado State ended their season with a win- so they are 7-6 for the year. Not bad at all, considering they had to face Alabama!
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Redskins beat the Bears! And yesterday, Colorado State beat the crap out of Wyoming, 52-22! I'm happy. Sadly, it looks like the Broncos are going to fall to the Colts, though.


Oct. 13th, 2013 11:42 pm
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The Redskins suck. That is all. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH.

But yay, Broncos! 7-0.

I had that thyroid ultrasound on Friday. I should have the results tomorrow. I hope this doesn't lead to more tests, especially now that I feel better. :p
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Really feeling sick about the mass murder at the D.C. Navy Yard today. When's it gonna end?

Also, appalled by the flood damage in Colorado. Absolutely terrifying. I never saw flooding like that when I lived there. Broomfield was hit pretty bad- a friend posted photos. A section of the highway leading into town collapsed...and that was right by my old neighborhood.
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The handbell choir went to a Nats game last night to play the national anthem. 542 ringers were there!

Here's a video someone shot. I'm somewhere under the GEICO sign. :p

The performance:
 photo natbells21_zps5e040017.jpg

Before that...we rehearsed on the field. It was cool to see it up close!
 photo natbells5_zps57255036.jpg

 photo natbells3_zpsd7a016b5.jpg

 photo natbells7_zpsaa7f3898.jpg

We got to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff.
 photo natbells13_zps644b9a8e.jpg

 photo natbells9_zpse991fc00.jpg

After playing, we watched the game. Dad got some funnel cake. Yum.
 photo natbells14_zpsf4b1b51d.jpg

The racing Presidents plus the Geico gecko.

 photo natbells16_zpsb8bcad81.jpg

It was a lot of fun. The Nats beat the Miami Marlins!
 photo natbells17_zps2ce1c8bc.jpg

Didn't get home until one in the morning! It was so much fun, but I'm still exhausted.

 photo natbells1_zpsaa71a938.jpg
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Clint and Tasha joined me. I went with Mom and Dad and their Rotary groups, and it was a long bus ride...
 photo natsgame1_zps99df5f96.jpg

 photo natsgame2_zps22c10c3d.jpg

The Racing Presidents mingled with fans:
 photo natsgame3_zpsd810f2f4.jpg

Getting ready to enjoy the game:
 photo natsgame4_zps77febcec.jpg

And getting a piggyback ride!
 photo natsgame8_zps70657d0d.jpg i

The Nats lost to the Dodgers, 3-1. Boo. I think it was just too hot. It ended up going to a tenth inning, so I didn't get home until 1:30 a.m.!

I went to see Man of Steel today. I liked it. It was a little bit too long, but for the most part it was entertaining.

The heat is starting to break. It was really wearing me down. I get so exhausted when there's a high heatwave, and sometimes my meds make things worse!
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Had a great day with the family. Just eight this year, but we had a good time. Dinner was fabulous, and we had a ball watching the Redskins beat the snot out of the Cowboys!

Some pics behind the cut...

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I'm very tired. I made three pies (two of each kind), two appetizers, and three side dishes. I'm going to rest for a day before tackling the Christmas decorations!
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They clinched the NL East tonight. A Washington baseball team hasn't made it to the playoffs since the 30's. This is so awesome!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

They lost to the Phillies tonight, but clinched because Atlanta lost. But that's okay, they're the division champs!!!
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Game was a little boring last night, but I always have fun at Nationals Park!

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:( Fail to the Redskins, again. At least the Broncos won today- two in a row! :p

CSU lost again. Bah! They're going to end up 3-9 this year. They'll get seven kinds of snot beaten out of them by TCU next week. :( TCU beat Boise State yesterday. Boise State beat the will to live out of CSU. CSU doesn't have a prayer against TCU!! I think they need to change CAM's name to "The Sacrifical Lamb".

Rory was especially clingy today. Something must have REALLY spooked him yesterday. Poor baby.


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