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We can thank Sen. McConnell for this gem- he said this when he silenced Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the hearings for now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

It's become a rallying cry for feminists. Let Liz Speak!
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Two cross stitch finishes. One is a response to Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a "Nasty Woman", now a bit of a rallying cry for Democratic women. This Nasty Woman votes!

Sick of pumpkin spice yet? Too bad. It's EVERYWHERE.

I should never have picked up issues of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations. I'm getting inspired. I didn't quite copy some of the things from the magazines, but I think I did a great job.

This is a gift box.

I like my version of this wreath better.

So much fun. So much glitter everywhere. And I'm not done yet!
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Here's Jess!

She's "borrowing" Julie's sandals. She's in such good shape. I just had to brush her hair after I unpacked her.

Also found a mini piano for the music room box I'm planning:

Here are the photos I keep forgetting to post from May: flowers and a Cinqo de Mayo margarita!

Had this fun drink at Carlos O'Kelly's- the little light changed colors:

Some more early flowers, and a little toad visitor.

One other project I finished- a mini bookcase made out of a jewelry box insert:

Two cross stitch finishes: a present for Mom, and "Red Sugar", which I finally finished this week!

Julie and Ivy in summer outfits!

I think I'm caught up photo wise.
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My photos of Whittingham's Christmas windows weren't great, but I did have a few this year:

The theme seemed to be "Not a creature was stirring"...and there were mice everywhere. :p

This was the fountain at Spotsylvania Towne Center:

And here's Emma Louise in the Christmas P.J.'s I found at Target:

Finally, now that the presents have been opened, I can show what I made for Dad and Katie. Curious George cross stitch for Dad, Mets for Katie!

I think that finally covers all of Christmas 2015!
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Emi the Archer, from Nora Corbett's Bewitching Pixies.

I liked stitching this one. Not as many colors or beads as other Mirabilia charts.

Also, I forgot to post photos of some even more gorgeous lilies. They're all done now, but they were amazing this year:

More Stargazers, and some day lilies:

The flowers were just amazing this year And the garden isn't done!
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Letters from Mermaids, for Mom and Dad's anniversary.

Pizza Dog!

May. 17th, 2015 11:48 pm
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I finished my latest cross stitch last night: Lucky the "pizza dog", based on David Aja's art for the Hawkeye comics.

Clint and Lucky approve!

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The library had its first ever comic convention. I didn't get to stay long, but I snapped a few photos:

Finished the second Hawkeye badge. I'll frame both Hawkeyes together!

Finally, I went through my Beanie Babies, deciding what to give away...and I found a Pegasus! The Black Knight likes it.
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Clint is finished!

I'm going to start the Kate Bishop Hawkeye badge tonight. I wish there was a Pizza Dog chart somewhere.
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It took some tricky trimming, but I managed to frame two Hawkeye pieces together!

new hawk framed 1

I think it came out okay.
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Behold, my new display of all things Hawkeye!

hawkeye shelf

And this doesn't include my Avengers movie Hawkeyes, some more cross stitch, and the Grab Zag mini Hawkeye, which is glued to another display. :p
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Finished it last night. The chart was found on Tumblr.

new hawkeye finished
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I've been busy this January! Hawkeye inspired cross stitched jewelry I actually designed myself.

hawk stitch 3

Hawkeye approves!

hawk stitch 4

Speaking of Hawkeye, here is his upcoming Funko Pop! figure for Age of Ultron. As soon as it's available for pre-order, I'm ordering it!

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Mini Saige and Baby Groot arrived this week!

saige funko groot

I stitched a tiny Starfox cross stitch, based on a chart by a Tumblr friend. Eros approves! My friend said she'd do a Black Knight chart soon.

foxstitch 1 foxstitch 2

My comic fabric bracelets are coming along nicely. The glossy top coat has to cure for a few weeks! 
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Tiny cross stitch of Dancing Baby Groot!

groot stitch

Next projects are also Marvel- a mini Starfox and a "Fight Like a Girl" superheroine chart (which also has DC heroines).
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Finished my latest project- Nora Corbett's Letters from Mermaids.

 photo jmermaidfinished_zps629fbb06.jpg
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The Black Knight has a little Garrett Castle to go with his mini Strider! Clint, Tasha, Cap B, and Psylocke visit.

 photo castle1_zps8a64435d.jpg

 photo castle2_zpsfc4c2994.jpg

I managed to finish a small cross stitch project on my trip:

 photo owlcard_zpsb0c8d9a1.jpg
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Sad Hawkeye has been made into a doll!

 photo sadclintdoll2_zps486b9511.jpg

Also, Clint has a new rival. I've ordered several Excalibur comic book collections, and one came today. Clint is furious with me. "Don't you remember my commandment? Thou shalt not read other comics than Hawkeye!" Sorry, Clint. Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain (called Britannic in this collection) were calling to me. And Pete says, "Sod off, ya circus freak!"

 photo jealousclint_zps184f2b7d.jpg

I'd love to see those two interact in a future comic. Hawkeye's work with Captain Britain in Secret Avengers was amusing to say the least. (Hawkeye: "I hate you, Captain Britain! Because of you, I hate everything about Britain. Tea, The Smiths, the Queen..." Cap: "Let's leave The Smiths out of this.")

Also, the first photos from the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron are leaking...Hawkeye has a new outfit. It's like a modern version of Hawkeye's old uniform...just not bright purple and no mask.

 photo newhawkcostume_zps3b8e3848.jpg

The downside is it covers up Jeremy Renner's awesome arms.
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Here is a cute, sad-looking Hawkeye surrounded by other Hawkeyes.

 photo finishedsadhawkeye2_zps9eaf98e7.jpg

I may make him into a doll.

Sick of the fucking snow. I really am. This is the fourth time since January that I've been snowed in!

House sitting for Katie this week. She and Paul are taking a "Bourbon Tour" in Kentucky. Kind of like their winery tours that they're so fond of. Paul is feeling okay, well enough to travel, despite some setbacks that I'll detail later.

Sam has a great part time job! He's working for Richmond's NBC affiliate, doing graphics work (the breaking news, weather, traffic headers, etc.). He has to start very, very early in the morning, and he still has a bunch of classes, but it's a great gig and will get his foot in the door for future work.

The Ash Wednesday service was tonight- and I am mad as hell. The pastor decided to ditch the half the music the choir worked on in favor of the Praise Team leader's horrible music. The second half of the service was just terrible. I wanted to cry. We worked so hard and got slapped in the face. I was really liking the new pastor until tonight...
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It's so pretty. I need to do the others in the series.

 photo chairfinished_zps912c76ff.jpg


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