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Miss Emma Louise has her very own "pussyhat" ready for the next Women's March! 

Found it on Carpatina's Etsy store.

Mom is knitting these hats for herself, me, and Katie.

Also, a new project. A mini house for the tiny American Girls!

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Keeping positive by making stuff.

More Christmas projects- a little "waiting for Santa" house.

A holiday "book":

Mini versions of the wreaths:

And just a little outfit I found while getting supplies:

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Two cross stitch finishes. One is a response to Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a "Nasty Woman", now a bit of a rallying cry for Democratic women. This Nasty Woman votes!

Sick of pumpkin spice yet? Too bad. It's EVERYWHERE.

I should never have picked up issues of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations. I'm getting inspired. I didn't quite copy some of the things from the magazines, but I think I did a great job.

This is a gift box.

I like my version of this wreath better.

So much fun. So much glitter everywhere. And I'm not done yet!


Sep. 6th, 2016 11:20 pm
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Mom's accidental pumpkin patch. A pumpkin was tossed into the woods last winter, and when the trees were cut down, the seeds scattered and grew and kept growing! There are several pumpkins on the vines.

I hope they're ready before we get a killing frost.

Also, I'm working on a little kitchen for mini Grace. The furniture came today. I've put everything in a temporary box display, but it's too small for all of the furniture. There's also a table with four chairs that was made just for the mini dolls, and I'm going to get a baker's rack, too.

The table will be painted white. The chairs are exactly right for the dolls, but they really can't all sit at the table at once because their legs get in the way!

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I found a great kit at Michaels, and put it together with some additional pieces I bought or already had. It's adorable and a bit spooky.

An ornament made with a pendant I didn't know what to do with, and mini bottles made with leftover labels from the kit and glitter.

I have other things I'm working on. Boo!

New WIPs.

Jun. 28th, 2016 09:23 pm
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Cute Marvel fabric, which I've used to cover a scrapbook and a box.

I'm using the scraps for jewelry.
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Here's Jess!

She's "borrowing" Julie's sandals. She's in such good shape. I just had to brush her hair after I unpacked her.

Also found a mini piano for the music room box I'm planning:

Here are the photos I keep forgetting to post from May: flowers and a Cinqo de Mayo margarita!

Had this fun drink at Carlos O'Kelly's- the little light changed colors:

Some more early flowers, and a little toad visitor.

One other project I finished- a mini bookcase made out of a jewelry box insert:

Two cross stitch finishes: a present for Mom, and "Red Sugar", which I finally finished this week!

Julie and Ivy in summer outfits!

I think I'm caught up photo wise.
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First tulip!

More are popping up. The daffodils have kind of exploded everywhere, too! I'll have to take more photos soon. It's supposed to get cold this weekend. Hopefully that will be the last cold snap of the year!

I'm working on a mini garden shed for the Shelf Avengers. It's almost done:

There's also a gazebo and bench. Hawkeye and Black Widow like it.
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I re-did the doll swing with ivy and tiny flowers.

It's so cute, but I have no idea how to decorate the rest of the shed. Ivy on the outside would be overkill, but I'll use that for the tea room. I looked for tiny butterflies, but there was only life size in the store.

I got another cute outfit/accessory set at A.C. Moore- this time, Emma Lousie gets to be a baker!

Finally, I have the limited edition mini Samantha:

I'm being good and only getting one per month now. I'll get Julie in March, Addy in April, Kit in May, and Josefina in June.
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I wasn't planning to buy another terrarium, but Michaels had a sale. And this one is cute and needs no alterations!

My first thought was "this would be a cute garden potting shed".

And it's cute but a bit cluttered. So I built a little swing!

I'm going to add flowering vines to the ropes. Actually, I may have to re-do the seat- it's hard to keep the doll on it. But it's adorable! And putting it together was cheap. No more than $20- with the sale and coupon, the terrarium was $18, and the supplies I had on hand would have been about $2!

Also, while I was looking for parts for the swing, I found some of my old dollhouse furniture! It's perfect for mini Rebecca. Big Rebecca's old collection had a similar sofa (not blue, though). I'll have to get a little menorah for the table. This is definitely going to be Rebecca's set!

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My first plan for 2016- a tea room for my mini American Girl dolls. I found this “shabby chic” (emphasis on the "shabby", lol!) terrarium at Hobby Lobby. It’s going to be sanded and repainted, and then I’ll put in a carpet or rug. I want to find some nice wicker furniture to put in the room. It’s so hard to find stuff in this scale. The wicker in the third photo is from a Madame Alexander set that’s really too big for AG Minis.

I used the Lori OG patio furniture for display until I've found the right furniture, etc. It's the right size, but really doesn't suit the house.

I think the tea room will suit Samantha and Nellie best! Big Samantha's original furniture (which I have) was wicker.

I think it will be painted white iniside and out, with pink and green accents. I picked this terrarium because it opens in the front as well as the top. With a little TLC and hard work, this will be a wonderful addition to my mini doll world!
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The church bazaar did very well last Saturday! We brought in over $10,000. Some photos:

The ornaments were the biggest sellers. My houses were a hit!

I planned and decorated the tree in the center. Mom bought it, not so much for the tree, but for the base. LOL!

I made about 20 dozen cookies for the  bake sale. They were gone before we closed. :)

Plans for the 2017 Bazaar are already in motion.

Once we were done with crafts for the bazaar, Mom was able to finish this quilt for me:

She'd been working on it off and on for a few years.

I'm still making putz houses. I found some great new paper and a new pattern:

This Wednesday Black Knight #1 will finally be out! The latest preview looks good. Looks like Dane has gotten into some trouble! :p

Finally, I picked up yet another new ornament- dancing baby Groot! It plays music.

Thanksgiving is still almost two weeks away, but the Christmas commercials have already invaded the television. I've already seen my favorite, the Hershey's Kisses "handbell choir", twice. Too soon, dammit!
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This time, they're for Halloween!

I'm having way too much fun making these. But once I got the hang of it, they were quick and easy to do!
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Jo-Ann Fabric had a clearance sale on miniatures. They didn't have much left, but I got some more mini baked goods and an apron for Grace!

More putz houses! These are bigger than the last batch.

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The mini version of Maryellen is in my hands. She's so cute.

Rory cat still hasn't forgiven me for taking him to the vet last week. But he's been cute, anyway:

Finally, the last batch of putz houses for the church bazzar. I'm going to make more for the family!

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My Funko Scarlet Witch came today!

Picked up some Christmas stuff- a new ornament and little trees.

A project I'm working on for the church bazzar- I was given some old plastic angels to fix up. I repainted them and put glitter on the wings.

Here's the old box. There were eight originally. The harpist was missing, and one more had her wings broken. I may not be able to fix her. :(

Mom took Katie and me to see "The Wedding Singer" musical at Riverside yesterday. I never saw the movie, but the show was so much fun.
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A variant cover for Black Knight #1 was released today:

All-New, All-Different Dane Whitman! November can't come soon enough. There will also be an "action figure" variant. I'm seeing a lot of interest about this comic on comic book forums. I really hope the book is good!

I'm working on "putz" houses. My first attempt:

I made an itty bitty house to put into a globe pendant.

I'm going to re-do this one.

I did this one tonight:

I think I'm getting the hang of it! They're fun to do.
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The last little bit for Grace's bakery- a tea cart.

I added a curtain, too. It's pretty much finished, except for a door. I glued the treats to the furniture, and all the furniture to the floor, except for the chairs and tea cart.

I found a good place to display the new Doctor Who toys- on top of the bakery box!

FInally saw Ant-Man yesterday. I loved it! It was a fun movie, with plenty of action and good effects. Paul Rudd made a good Scott Lang/Ant-Man. Michael Douglas was Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man. Great bits with Anthony Mackie as Falcon, too! Also, I wasn't expecting to see Peggy Carter at the beginning (a Pym flashback to 1989). It's sad that Janet Van Dyne, the orginal Wasp, is seemingly "lost forever" in the microverse (that's how she "died" at the end of Secret Invasion- she got better!), though there's a hint she might somehow come back. That would be awkward for her daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly)! The clip at the end of the credits are a hint to what will happen in Captain America: Civil War. There are also hints of other superheroes coming up, such as Spider-man. Warning- this is NOT a movie for bug-a-phobes!

Just like the Avengers, Ant-Man seems to be a mix of Marvel comic book universes, alternate timelines, Ultimates, etc. In the comics, Hope Van Dyne is from an alternate universe, and as Red Wasp, she's not exactly one of the good guys! Also disappointed that Scott's daughter, Cassie, is so little in the movie. No chance of her becoming Ant-Girl/Stature, and likely no chance for Young Avengers, either.

One of the best cameos was from Garrett Morris of Saturday Night Live. Back in the 70s, he played Ant-Man in a skit! And the best scene from the trailer (IMHO), the Ant-Man/Yellowjacket fight on Cassie's Thomas the Tank Engine play set, is even better on the big screen.
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I made this tonight! A clock shadowbox from Michaels, decorated with mini table and chairs (also from Michaels), tiny tea set, scrapbook fabric “paper”, and old Scrabble letters.

Also, this is what we worked on at the church bazzar workshop today- tiny veggies for a fairy garden. I made a bunch of mushrooms, tomatoes, and eggplants!

I also ordered the final pieces for Grace's bakery- a tea cart, some more treats, and a couple of tiny trays. This is too much fun! I think I'm done with this stuff for a while.
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Grace's bakery is mostly finished. I say "mostly" finished because I need to clean up some of the wallpaper. I'll probably add a lace curtain to the window, and eventually a door.

Close up of the "shabby chic" bakery counter and treats. All the treats were found at Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc. I made the shopping bags with party favors and stickers!

I had so much fun putting this together.


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