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Christmas Eve was definitely my last at my soon to be former church. It was not a good service, despite good music from the choir. I HATE the way our new pastors do things. The scriptures were from a "modern" type Bible, communion was rushed and confused, and the sermon was trite and meaningless. I got a much better experience at St. Paul's Christmas Day service this morning.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve luncheon in Richmond- Mom, Dad, me, Katie, Sam, and Sam's girlfriend, Janice. It was an excellent seafood place called Boathouse. Great food and a nice if foggy view of downtown Richmond.

Great company, too. Janice is nice, and was a big help to Sam during Paul's last week. I think she's a keeper. ;) Sam has dyed his hair very very blond...

We had presents and dessert at Sam's, and the rest of the presents opened either at Mom and Dad's or Katie's.

Sam's tree.

Christmas cake- it was a "cannoli" cake: white cake, cannoli-like filling, ganache frosting, candied orange garnish. It was wonderful.

Truman the cat was very interested in the cake crumbs.

Great presents this year- cute pajamas, Michaels gift card, a gorgeous cat art print, chocolate, and the Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray from Katie and Sam; two beautiful dresses, a bottle of Dolce perfume, a cookie baking book, a Paris-themed comforter set, and American Girl Rebecca, with her Hanukkah dress and accessories!

Rory got new toys.

Beautiful roses given to the choir members by our director:

Christmas dinner was just me, Katie, Mom, and Dad. We had a nice, simple but elegant dinner. Unfortunately Katie and I are both sick. It was also kind of weird. It's our first Christmas without Paul, and we got through it.

I'm spending the last of Christmas Day watching the Broncos get their asses kicked by the Chiefs. :( What happened to the Super Bowl 50 champs?

Also, I'm listening to various Wham! and George Michael songs. I can't believe he died today.
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Katie made an Advent Calendar for me. It's filled with little goodies for each day- including Christmas earrings, gift ecards for Amazon and Target, a movie night (we saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- awesome!), make-up, and an I.O.U. for lunch (she's been sick this week).

She had as much fun making and filling it as I have had opening each box! Two more to go!

Shopping trip earlier this month at Short Pump in Richmond- they go all out with the decorations.

Those reindeer were HUGE.

Rory vs. my tree:

He's been so good this year with the trees. He goes under them, but doesn't try to climb them. I have a nice stocking full of new kitty toys for my good boy!
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What it says on the tin. Behind a cut because it's a lot.

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Whittingham's Christmas display is a Nutcracker theme this year!

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Two cross stitch finishes. One is a response to Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a "Nasty Woman", now a bit of a rallying cry for Democratic women. This Nasty Woman votes!

Sick of pumpkin spice yet? Too bad. It's EVERYWHERE.

I should never have picked up issues of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations. I'm getting inspired. I didn't quite copy some of the things from the magazines, but I think I did a great job.

This is a gift box.

I like my version of this wreath better.

So much fun. So much glitter everywhere. And I'm not done yet!
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My photos of Whittingham's Christmas windows weren't great, but I did have a few this year:

The theme seemed to be "Not a creature was stirring"...and there were mice everywhere. :p

This was the fountain at Spotsylvania Towne Center:

And here's Emma Louise in the Christmas P.J.'s I found at Target:

Finally, now that the presents have been opened, I can show what I made for Dad and Katie. Curious George cross stitch for Dad, Mets for Katie!

I think that finally covers all of Christmas 2015!
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Rory was very pleased with his presents. He got some fresh catnip and was stoned out of his little cat mind all day!

He was a bit afraid of his new toy.

Dinner was at Katie's as usual. She went all out with the decorations this year!

Dad and Sam oversee the final touches on dinner, and Mom's glorious trifle.

The haul, including the new American Girl, Maryellen!

Very good Christmas, if a bit too warm, wet, and foggy!
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Oh my God, the choir loft was so unbearably hot. If the windows hadn't been open, and one singer hadn't brought in a couple of fans, we all would have passed out! The congregation was overheated, too.

The weather has been ridiculous this Christmas! It was very warm and rainy Christmas Day, too.

The Christmas Eve service went pretty well, though someone forgot to give the choir candles. When it came time for the Candlelighting and Silent Night, the choir was left in the dark. It was terrible. We couldn't see our music, and the choir loft lights were never turned back on- so we couldn't see our music for Joy to the World, either! Argh. The Candlelighting is my favorite part of the service, and we missed it. :( Otherwise, it was a lovely evening.

This has been on display in the welcome center all throught the season:

Katie took this photo after church last night- a halo around a full moon! Despite the clouds, we got a good view.

Sam brought his cat, Truman, with him because he's staying with his mom and dad while he has time off. Truman is a great cat. Big, soft, and sweet. Rory did not like him, and hid. Truman stayed in his carrier most of the night. A very well behaved boy!

He loves his "dad", Sam!

He's not sure about his "grandma", Katie!

I made two special treats for the Christmas Eve dinner- mushrooms in puff pastry and a chocolate/marzipan truffle cake. The cake broke into three pieces, but I repaired it with extra ganache!

As usual, dinner involved lobsters and shrimp. Yum.

I'll post Christmas photos tomorrow. I'm still exhausted from last night!
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Rory does his annual "let's hide under Mommy's tree" pose.

And then has a nap with his grandma.

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Cookies and mini cupcakes!

Mom made a Christmas Hello Kitty apron for me!

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I'm starting to add Marvel ornaments to my tree:

I have Captain America (in this style) and Hawkeye (action figure style) coming soon.
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I assembled and decorated a Minions gingerbread house kit for my Minion-loving mom. She loves it!

The annual Christmas Carol Service is done for the year. Except for a major problem during the processional, it was really good. The bells were fantastic. Katie returned to direct us because our former director, Brian, had to leave his position while he's in seminary. (Yes, that's one of the rules- can't work at your home church while studying!) The youth/family choir (teens plus a few of their mothers) added so much- good voices and lots of enthusiasm. The children's choir has dwindled to almost nothing (three girls, and one moves up to youth choir next year), but they were good, too.

The reason for the lack of children in choir? It's that damn praise team service. They're taking away the kids for their own crap kid's choir. And it is crap. They're not learning church music at all. :( It's not right. The praise team is destroying the music program. People are actually leaving the church because of that service (why they don't just come to the traditional service, I don't know...). I wish something could be done. Our new pastor is so much more appreciative and supportive of the Sanctuary and bell choirs than the last pastor.
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A new outfit and accessories for Emily. She and Molly have cookies for Santa! I found the set (dress, stocking, gift box, cookie tray) at A.C. Moore.

Mini Ivy and Julie play Operation. It's actually a Hallmark ornament that lights up and buzzes like the real thing!

New ornaments for the Trek-Who-Mas Tree- the Enterprise C from the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise", and a scary Doctor Who Weeping Angel!
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The doll tree is up, and the dolls are dressed up.

Tea party and gingerbread house "baking"!

Watching a T.V. "program"! And a nice new jukebox in the back.

The mini camper all decked out for Grace's holiday treat party!

I still have a few more dolls and toys to put out, but the decorating is almost done!
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I've been decorating for Christmas. I'm not done yet. I did something terrible today- I broke an ornament that had been in the family for 45+ years:

It was part of this set:

Mom and Dad bought it at the Garber department store (they're long gone!) in Staten Island a year before I was born. It's survived five moves in four states, and I broke it. I have a silly tradition of putting the Three Wise Men ornaments on the tree first. They're the first ornaments I remember from childhood. I am just crushed! The middle section of the ornament turned to powder. Italian glass ornaments are so fragile.

The trees are almost done, and I'm working on the toys next. Emma Louise has her new apron, sweater, Santa hat, and necklace on!

Dad added little Santa ornaments to his airplane/globe mobile:

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I had to buy this at BJ's today because it was the last one on the shelf. It's a music box "television". Emma Louise loves it!

The detail is really beautiful! It plays eight Christmas songs.

Because I overdo decorating at Christmas, I may get these Christmas pajamas for Emma Louise. They're from Justice for Girls, and only $10! I think I'll order them online because I'd feel ridiculous going into a tween store! :p

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The church bazaar did very well last Saturday! We brought in over $10,000. Some photos:

The ornaments were the biggest sellers. My houses were a hit!

I planned and decorated the tree in the center. Mom bought it, not so much for the tree, but for the base. LOL!

I made about 20 dozen cookies for the  bake sale. They were gone before we closed. :)

Plans for the 2017 Bazaar are already in motion.

Once we were done with crafts for the bazaar, Mom was able to finish this quilt for me:

She'd been working on it off and on for a few years.

I'm still making putz houses. I found some great new paper and a new pattern:

This Wednesday Black Knight #1 will finally be out! The latest preview looks good. Looks like Dane has gotten into some trouble! :p

Finally, I picked up yet another new ornament- dancing baby Groot! It plays music.

Thanksgiving is still almost two weeks away, but the Christmas commercials have already invaded the television. I've already seen my favorite, the Hershey's Kisses "handbell choir", twice. Too soon, dammit!
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My Funko Scarlet Witch came today!

Picked up some Christmas stuff- a new ornament and little trees.

A project I'm working on for the church bazzar- I was given some old plastic angels to fix up. I repainted them and put glitter on the wings.

Here's the old box. There were eight originally. The harpist was missing, and one more had her wings broken. I may not be able to fix her. :(

Mom took Katie and me to see "The Wedding Singer" musical at Riverside yesterday. I never saw the movie, but the show was so much fun.
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My last chance to wear this shirt, which I only got on Christmas Eve. :p

xmas groot

I already took down my favorite new decoration:

csu wreath

Well, Christmas is done. Now it's time to get serious about 2015 crafting! My first WIPs- cloth covered bracelets.

bracelet wip a

Made with leftover scraps from the Marvel apron Mom made for me. I'm going to look for more Marvel fabric.
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Some random photos from the holiday that I haven't posted yet.
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