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It was Nightcrawler Week for me- Nightcrawler #4 came out (and it was pretty good, but sad!), and I also got a T-shirt.

 photo crawler2_zps22a2a12c.jpg

Get out of there, Kurt. It's too big for you!

Also got some tiny sword charms for the jewelry I'm working on. The Black Knight approves.

 photo minisword1_zpsdf76e550.jpg

Can't do any jewelry work this weekend, I have to pack. Leaving Monday or Tuesday, not sure when I'll be back.
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I got this cute Black Knight piece today- it's a Hero Clix game piece. And yeah, he's riding that silly "Atomic Steed" of the 80s, but they didn't make one with his winged steed! Dane is curious about the little guy:
 photo miniknight2_zpsc47858c8.jpg

"I shall call him Mini-Me!"

There is a lack of Black Knight merchandise besides action figures/statues. No jewelry that I know of, so I made some for myself. First, the Hero Clix piece turned into a pendant:

 photo bkpendant3_zpsf91f6b4b.jpg

Two pendants made from comic images:
 photo bkpendant4_zpsbddfd495.jpg photo bkpendant1_zps50f3c20d.jpg

If there's any interest on Tumblr, etc., I'll make more and put them on Etsy.
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John Watson's response to Mary's demand he get rid of the mustache. I made a pendant with the quote!
 photo noshave_zpse9835b46.jpg

Saw Sherlock:The Sign of Three last night. Oh, my God. Stag night with Drunk!Sherlock and John. And Sherlock's embarrassing, hilarious, and tear-jerking speech at the wedding. Oh, boy. You know something bad is going to happen to Mary. I dread the last episode.
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Make up and accessory wise, anyway. I had to shop for presents at Charming Charlie and Sephora today, and picked up a couple of things for myself, too.

Christmas ball necklace (they're plastic, not glass!).
 photo ccxmasnecklace_zpsf9f6edcf.jpg

One of two awesome nail polishes I got today:
 photo newpolish_zps10df0ab2.jpg

The other is a gorgeous red. I'm going to wear that one on Sunday.

Plus, this is a bracelet I made a month ago- hadn't posted it yet.
 photo christmastrain_zps1b98f9c7.jpg

Choir practice last night wore me out. I think we'll be ready for the Carol Service on Sunday, but it's going to be close. Some of our singers haven't been to practice recently. The big rehearsal is Saturday morning...after that, Mom, Dad, Katie, and I are headed to Potomac Mills to do more Christmas shopping.
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 photo domependants_zpsde528036.jpg

Instructions are here:

Also found this while at Wegman's yesterday. Hello, Christmas!
 photo helloxmas_zps4745e7d8.jpg

I'm almost ready for Thanksgiving. I've made all my pies, and tomorrow I'll do the two side dishes and the appetizer I'm taking to Katie's house. Big crowd this year!
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A necklace I made from a Hello Kitty candy tin!
 photo hkhalloween_zpse946f3d2.jpg

Plus, I framed a finished cross stitch.
 photo aholesframed_zpsad8dcbb4.jpg


Aug. 22nd, 2013 10:49 pm
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So, I had my tooth filled...after having my gum cut with a laser. OUCH. I can still feel the will take a week for them to dissolve. And my whole jaw was pretty rough! And after all that, she told me I'll have to get a crown on that tooth eventually! Jeez.

I couldn't eat much after. I had a Frosty from Wendy's for lunch! :p

Went to Michaels after to cheer myself up, and lo and behold, Art-i-Cake has a new line of Christmas and Halloween charms! I bought a bunch of Christmas stuff:
 photo christmasamycharms_zpsb1e3ad00.jpg

I bought one Halloween pendant, and made a necklace right away:
 photo candycorn_zps5799a9d5.jpg

Finally, I stitched the first of three Star Trek insignia ornanments:
 photo trekornament_zps870ebb5f.jpg

These will be great additions to my Trek-mas tree! And "He's Dead, Jim" is so small I might turn it into an ornament, too.

It took a while for the numbness to wear off today...and now I'm very tired.And still hurting. Going to bed early!
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Got the new Star Trek Cross Stitch book this week...and I had to do this one first:
 photo deadjim_zpsa6c3f3db.jpg

Next one will be Beam Me Up, Scotty.

I also did a quickie necklace:
 photo rhinestonecrown_zps2e266bfa.jpg

I love the Art-i-cake line at Michaels!

Tomorrow my sister turns 50! We're having a crab feast at her house tomorrow. She requested one of my cakes. It's all baked and iced and ready to go!

Had a rehearsal last night for the handbell choir. We're joining a very large group of ringers at Nationals Park to ring the national anthem! It's going to be fun. And we get to go to the game, of course. I think they're playing the Marlins.
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...but I like it so much I'll have to make another. Stitched this tonight, put into a memory frame. I don't know what kind of chain I'll put it on.

 photo parisstitch_zpse070770f.jpg

Found the chart on Etsy. Maybe I'll find a mini chart of Big Ben or the Empire State Building to make other pendants!
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I just had my first ever sale on Etsy! :) One of my "Gosh, I love arrows" pendants.

I made this tonight:

 photo blackhawklarge_zps347b2462.jpg

Clint and Tasha, reunited, but Clint doesn't trust her yet. :p
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Scrabble necklace and pendants.

 photo hawktiles2_zps05f50333.jpg


 photo hawkcharm_zpsfbafa1a9.jpg

Big, with arrows:

 photo hawkpendant_zps07b2ef5a.jpg

I'll put the pendants on etsy later. The  necklace is a work in progress.
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Clint and the little ones celebrate Tasha's first Mother's Day.

 photo clintashamothersday_zps64bf86d0.jpg

I made this for my mom:

 photo fruitnecklace_zpsa99c12e8.jpg

And there's family/friend baby news! Marissa (Katie and Paul's niece) had her baby boy very early this morning! His name is Elijah. He was a little early, but is doing well and will go home tomorrow. I'm sure Ella can't wait to meet her baby brother! And I also just found out today that my choir friend Alison (not to be confused with my cousin Alison) is expecting a second baby this fall, a girl this time! :) Don't know what's happening with cousin Alison's baby. But my cousin Sarah is doing great.
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I made some more action figure necklaces.

 photo capnecklace1ii_zps4305b8e7.jpg

 photo lokinecklace2_zps13c13562.jpg

 photo ironmannecklace2_zpsee95bd77.jpg

 photo thornecklace2_zpse5f13e4c.jpg

I found the little figures at Wegman's, of all places! Two bucks each, so I got two of everything, including Hawkeye. They were out of Hulk, though, and there was never a Black Widow, which really sucks. :( I may go back next week and get more. I've never seen them this cheap. So I have a nice assortment of pendants on etsy. And since I bought extra Hawkeyes, I'm keeping one of those for myself!
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 photo pendantsapril26_zpsf42bbbd2.jpg

:) I love to make these. Thought I'd try some different designs.
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Hulk just wanna have fun.

 photo hulkfun_zps6eb36c70.jpg

I hope I can actually sell these!
mollybarton: (inkvoices hawkeye) keep my mind off of Tuesday morning's test. I made two more pendants tonight:

 photo mediumarrowpendant_zpsa9ac0b03.jpg

 photo bobbipendant_zps839372b0.jpg

Variations of stuff I've done before. Now I need to decide what to charge for them when I get my etsy shop set up!
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I've lost six pounds, likely more because I had at least two or three pounds of clothes on, plus water retention from my little monthly friend. It's a start.

She's trying me out on a low dose of an anti-anxiety drug for a month, then I have to go back in three weeks after my bloodwork and other tests are done (the annual boob squish and pap smear). Again, it's a start. I'm getting to the bottom of this. I think I'll be okay.

The Easter Monday shopping trip is off, because Katie has strep throat. Great, I hope I didn't get it, too. I'm still housesitting the rest of the week, though.

I know I said I was boycotting Hobby Lobby, but they had stuff I needed for my jewelry projects that I haven't been able to find elsewhere locally. I bought a lot of bezels, memory glass and frames, and charms. I've been getting a lot of interest in my jewelry both at Tumblr and TrekBBS, so I guess it's time to put some stuff on etsy!

I need a nap right now, but I'm going to spend the rest of the day making a bunch of charms and pendants.
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A Hunger Games-inspired bracelet.
 photo mockingjaybracelet_zps39e5cdf3.jpg

Someone actually designed those for the movie fans! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Additions to my bead/charm stash:
 photo arrowsandmockingjay_zpsfc27c468.jpg

 photo londonandparis_zps71d6a4db.jpg

And with the arrows, I could finish the Hawkeye necklace:
 photo hawkeyenecklacefinished_zps1ffc735c.jpg

Etsy is such a dangerous place. I've found a shop that I'm going to go back to again and again...


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