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THE CUBS HAVE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! Holy crap. 108 years. The curse has been lifted! Congrats to the Cubs and their fans.

Really happy for the Cubs. Chicago is going to party like crazy for the rest of the year!

That was one hell of a game. 10 innings, and a rain delay before the 10th.

So Back to the Future Part II was only one year off!

*has a sad*

Nov. 2nd, 2015 12:51 am
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Oh, Mets. :( At least you made it to the World Series. Congrats to the Royals.

Le sigh. The Mets out-Metsed themselves this year. When they mess up, they do it in a spectacular way. Really, giving up 5 runs in the 12th inning? Oh, that was painful.

Found on Tumblr:
someone who has never heard of the new york mets (via bastardorphan)

But it was a great season anyway, and my fellow Mets fans need to remember that! (looking at you, my dear sister!)
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They lost Game Four after winning yesterday. No chance of a comeback like in '86. This is turning into a nightmare like 2000. :(

I'll let Mr. Met say it for me:

Anyone know the Heimlich Maneuver? Because I hear an entire baseball team in New York choking. :(


Oct. 29th, 2015 12:02 am
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Whittingham's did a Halloween window display this year.

Awesome. And freaky. I can't wait to see what they have planned for Christmas. Downtown Fredericksburg has its open house on November 14 and 15, so all the Christmas stuff should be up!

World Series- so far the Mets are being murdered by the Royals. 2 games to zip. I'm sad. What happened, Mets? :( Game 1 went to 14 innings in five hours, the longest Series Game 1 ever. I think both teams got tired.
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I have a new Mets fan in the house. :p

I have some great Christmas stuff for her. This gingerbread set from American Girl was 50% off, so I got it. I can see why it was so expensive- it's a lot of stuff, very well made, with a lot of detail.

I also made a necklace for Emma Louise to wear with the apron and hat:

I used a miniature plate from Michaels.

I ordered some awesome new nail polish:

It's called "Where we're going we don't need roads."
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The Mets win the NL! It's been fifteen long years of some really terrible baseball. The Mets were a joke for a while. But the past couple of years they've turned around. You gotta believe!

Katie is an even bigger Mets fan. If she stayed up for the end of the game, she's probably bouncing off the walls.

I sure hope it won't be a repeat of the 2000 World Series, the infamous "Subway Series" where they were slaughtered by the Yankees!

Gotta say I feel bad for Cubs fans, though. They've been waiting so long. The Mets were just better this year, and luckier.
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They just have to beat the Cubs to get to the World Series for the first time in fifteen years.

On the other hand, Cubs fans have been waiting since if the Mets lose, I'll root for the Cubs. Also, Back to the Future Part 2 predicted the Cubs would win the 2015 World Series...though the losing team from the movie does not exist. :p
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We were planning to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner. So we got there, 20 minute wait. No biggie. We waited. And waited. Dad went to the front and ask if we'd been called. The girl said "We paged you, you didn't answer so we thought you'd left." Um, if we'd left, we would have returned the stupid pager. Then they got snippy when we requested a table instead of a booth. Even the manager acted like we were at fault for all of the delays. Finally Dad just said "No thanks" and we went next door to the Chinese place we love. The food and service was fantastic.

I ordered the scallion bubble pancake for an appetizer- this is what it looks like:

bubble pancake

It was light, airy, and tasty. The rest of the food was amazing, much better than anything at Bonefish! Plus, we have tons of leftovers for tomorrow. So it all worked out.

My problem wasn't the wait at Bonefish- it was the rudeness of the staff, and the manager's bullshitting. When a customer has a problem, the last thing you should do is accuse them of lying, or blaming them for whatever went wrong.

I made Mom a pie instead of a cake. It's from last year's Southern Living Annual Recipes, and I somehow missed it. It's a chocolate chess pie with salted caramel pecans:

pie 2014

It was yummy but messy. I think I need to bake the next one longer than the recipe suggests.

This was a try-out for Thanksgiving. I'm probably going to make five pies, two of each kind, for our crowd this year. This is going to be me:


BRING FORTH THE PIES! I need to make a big sign of Thor and Hulk presenting pies to display on the dessert table.

The Nats are already out of the playoffs. The Giants beat them three games to one. It was a great year for the Nats, anyway. I'm still hoping the Orioles make it to the Series, even though I don't really follow the American League.
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Spent four days in D.C. with Mom and Aunt Pauletta. Lots of photos behind the cut!

Read more... )
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Captain America has invited Captain Britain to join the Shelf Avengers. (LOL. That's just where I keep my figures) And Steve has put Brian in charge, much to Clint's horror.

 photo capbritjoinsin3_zpsc7928c4b.jpg

"You again, Braddock?" "Don't make me hit you with Excalibur, Hawkeye. And what was that you said about the Queen?"

Steve and Brian catch up on mutual friends and so on. Brian informs Steve that Pete Wisdom is indeed still a tosser, but at least he's quit smoking and doesn't drink as much and has NEVER gotten over Kitty Pryde. Dork!

Also, baseball is back! And Hello Kitty is a Nats fan.

 photo natskitty_zps092b602b.jpg

Nats beat the Mets in their season opener. Well, if someone has to beat the Mets, I'm glad it's the Nats!


Sep. 21st, 2013 11:12 pm
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I'm pleasantly surprised by the score. Colorado State did not get totally massacred! Well fought, Rams. You faced Alabama's Crimson Tide and lost...but your dignity is intact. I was afraid the score would be much higher...I was half expecting something like 52-14. LOL.

Yep, Nats game postponed. D.C. is getting soaked.


Sep. 21st, 2013 09:05 pm
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Colorado State is getting killed by Alabama. I can't watch the rest of the game.

The Nationals game is rain delayed (probably postponed by this point)...poor Screech isn't happy!
 photo 1235109_10151873702825189_1039017669_n_zpsc8f25eef.jpg

It's pouring here, too. We really needed it.
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Clint and Tasha joined me. I went with Mom and Dad and their Rotary groups, and it was a long bus ride...
 photo natsgame1_zps99df5f96.jpg

 photo natsgame2_zps22c10c3d.jpg

The Racing Presidents mingled with fans:
 photo natsgame3_zpsd810f2f4.jpg

Getting ready to enjoy the game:
 photo natsgame4_zps77febcec.jpg

And getting a piggyback ride!
 photo natsgame8_zps70657d0d.jpg i

The Nats lost to the Dodgers, 3-1. Boo. I think it was just too hot. It ended up going to a tenth inning, so I didn't get home until 1:30 a.m.!

I went to see Man of Steel today. I liked it. It was a little bit too long, but for the most part it was entertaining.

The heat is starting to break. It was really wearing me down. I get so exhausted when there's a high heatwave, and sometimes my meds make things worse!
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I finished up two of my cross stitch designs with cheap frames that I stained with ink.

 photo candyframe_zps4c1dffe5.jpg

 photo arrowframe_zps4a97b80b.jpg

Had fun at Michaels today. They had several of their Art-i-cake and Industrial Chic items on clearance, so I picked some up.

I needed that. I've had a crappy day. First, I went to the dentist...everything was okay, except for one cavity that's going to be a bitch to take care of. I have to have a gingivectomy- part of my gum has to be cut with a laser before the cavity can be drilled and filled. Oh, lovely. Then, I found out I can't see my doctor for another two weeks...and I'm running out of meds. They're going to send a one-month prescription to tide me over, but I've never had to wait so long for my doctor! I'm surprised they didn't give me an appointment with the assistant, who can write prescriptions, That's better than waiting an extra two weeks! Arrrghhhh!

To top off my sucky day, I was stung by a wasp tonight. Ugh. Luckily, I had baking soda on hand, which quickly neutralized the venom. So I have a little bump on my palm, but it doesn't hurt.

And the heat is awful...but everyone's dealing with that so I won't whine. It's going to cool down a bit this weekend...good, because I'm going to the Nats/Dodgers game Saturday night!
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Baseball is back! The Nats beat the Marlins in their season opener at Nationals Park, 2-0. Nats Town! Let's hope it's a good year for the Mets and the Nats! The Mets beat the crap out of the Padres at Citi Field- 11-2. The Rockies lost their first game.

I lied. One more Clintasha adventure before my break- the day after Easter. Headless Peeps and chocolate/gummy bunnies litter the floor. Thor has triumphed over the Bunny Menace, and Loki is in a Peeps-induced coma. Hulk can't get enough of the gummies.

 photo eastermonday1_zpsb2e1380b.jpg

CLINT NO. Clint is addicted to jellybeans. Tasha and Thor try to stage an intervention, with no success. NOM NOM NOM NOM.

 photo eastermonday2_zpsd61c1060.jpg
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Nice try, Nats. It was a hell of a season. Maybe next year...


Oct. 11th, 2012 07:10 pm
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It's not over for the Nationals yet. They beat the Cards tonight, tying up the series 2-2. Tomorrow it's do or die! Let's go Nats!
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They clinched the NL East tonight. A Washington baseball team hasn't made it to the playoffs since the 30's. This is so awesome!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

They lost to the Phillies tonight, but clinched because Atlanta lost. But that's okay, they're the division champs!!!
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This is what I do when I'm stressed. I clean stuff. I cleared a whole shelf to display my Avengers stuff:


This week I'm going through my closet and bookshelves for stuff to give stuff away. I have way too much junk!

Getting ready for the Nationals post season. Nattitude!


Play ball!

Sep. 20th, 2012 10:31 pm
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Rory is going to hate the Nats now. :p If his ears weren't so big, the cap would actually fit him!


Tasha and Clint will have the best seats in the house if (when) the Nats make the playoffs!


"I don't see the resemblance." Hawkeye inspects the teavenger-designed Hawkeye cross stitch.



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