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2017-06-28 09:44 pm
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Adorable new outfit for Emma.

The sweater and leggings are from the new Meet accessory pack, the mesh skirt is also new. 

The new Meet outfit is gorgeous, but it's not available separately yet. 

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2017-06-13 09:28 pm

Feeling better.

Actually had some fun today. I went on a tour of the CNN center. I got to see the newsrooms and some of the studios. Tomorrow is a tour of the World of Coca-Cola, and a bit of exploring in Centennial Olympic Park. Then it's time to get on the train home. 
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2017-06-12 09:24 pm
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Little traitor!

Rory used to avoid my sister at all costs. She's watching him while I'm in Atlanta. Today she sent me a photo of herself with the cat on her lap, watching television. He looked so happy. He never sits on my lap! I'm jealous. :p

Meanwhile, the trip has been a bit disappointing. My jaw started acting up, and I was in so much pain that I had to go to Urgent Care. The doctor prescribed a low dose of Valium to relax my jaw enough to sleep, and told me to take extra ibuprofen and alternate hot and cold packs. I felt well enough to do some stuff today. 
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2017-06-10 01:17 am


On the way to Atlanta right now, on an overnight train trip. Can't sleep right now. Kind of uncomfortable, but it's also kind of fun.
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2017-06-04 06:04 pm
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And again...

An attack in London last night. Van plowed into crowds on London Bridge, seven killed, and the three terrorists were shot dead by police. This the way it's going to be, smaller random attacks.

I'm appalled by Trump's response to the attack. Instead of offering condolences to the people, he immediately insulted London's mayor  (who happens to be Muslim) and continuing to call for his Muslim travel ban. It's interesting that Britain is responding to the attack with relative calm and grace. No mass panic or screams for all Muslims to be thrown out of the country  (except for a few nutjobs). Just going about their business, drinking their tea, and telling the terrorists to sod off. Do not mistake their grief and calm demeanor for a lack of resolve. Their police are doing their jobs and the public is being vigilant. Keep Calm and Carry On, and STOP KILLING PEOPLE YOU FUCKING TWATS. 

London Bridge is NOT falling down. 

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2017-05-25 10:14 pm
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Spring photo upload.

First off, Gabby has arrived! She's adorable.

Meeting the other modern girls.

Mini gumball machine!

Mother's Day cake- Coconut lime mojito. It was delicious! And Mom loved it.

Flowers from the installation reception at church.

Ingleside Plantation wine tasting. I went with Katie.

The lilies are arriving early this year.

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2017-05-22 08:33 pm
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Here we go again...

Explosions at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. At least 19 dead, 50 injured. God.
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2017-05-19 05:52 pm


Gabby is on her way. I found a great deal on her, and she shipped yesterday.

My family has officially joined the Episcopal Church. Methodists no more! Our rector was installed at St. Paul's last week, and we joined then (can only be done when the bishop is there).
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2017-05-09 08:42 pm
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Holy crap.

Trump fired FBI Director Comey today. And AG Sessions wants to shut down the Russian investigation. THIS IS THE KIND OF SHIT NIXON PULLED. I hope Comey really spills his guts now. Get this corrupt administration out.
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2017-05-08 08:56 pm
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New addition to the mini dolls.

Tiny Gabriela has arrived. She is so stinking cute. I can't wait to get the full sized doll.

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2017-05-07 05:02 pm
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French Presidential Election...


Macron defeats right wing nut job Le Pen. Proof that France is smarter than the United States.
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2017-05-04 10:04 am
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UK Royal watching.

So, it looks like British media is about to activate RATS- radio alert transmission system, or as it’s jokingly known, Royal about to snuff it. All Royal staff called to Buckingham Palace at 3 a.m., not usually good news. Rumors are flying that Prince Phillip is either dead or dying. He made an appearance today, but when you’re 95 and have had recent health problems, things can change in literally a heartbeat. So I won’t be surprised if my friends across the pond wake up to the “This is BBC News from London” special program (sorry, PROGRAMME, :p) interruption. The Palace doesn't release that kind of info until eight in the morning, so it will be the middle of the night for news here.

2017, please don’t take the Queen yet. I don’t think they’re ready!

Boy, am I having flashbacks to the death of Princess Diana. My uncle Chuck had died the day before, and my parents had driven out to Ohio for the funeral. They called to check in just as the news was breaking about Diana on MSNBC. I still don't remember why I was up so late that night, but I was glued to the screen.

ETA: Prince Phillip is NOT dead, he's just officially retiring from public life.
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2017-05-03 11:40 pm

All better?

Coco is fixed!

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2017-05-01 08:53 pm
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One dolly repair, one dolly photoshoot!

Coco is more or less fixed. The band I used is a little loose, so I need to tighten it. But she's in one piece! Next, I have to clean her outfit and fix her hair.

I did a little spring playtime shoot with Melody. She walked her little dog, climbed a dogwood tree, and blew dandelion seeds.

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2017-04-26 11:47 pm
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Poor dolly!

Look at my poor Coco doll! She's literally been loved to pieces. :p Of course a twenty-year-old doll is going to have her rubber band break. Poor thing needs major surgery and clean up!

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2017-04-20 01:04 pm
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Jess exploring Katie's backyard and old barn.

Easter at St. Paul's:

Extra mini Lea doll in a special outfit/display. I may keep the outfit and sell the base and doll.

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2017-04-20 12:52 pm

War games.

Quantico is going overboard with their artillery exercises today. BOOM BOOM BOOM SHAKE SHAKE. This is not helping my headache. And poor Rory is hiding.
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2017-04-19 12:28 am

Just some stuff.

Easter was nice. My first Easter at my new church! The choir did a good job.

I spent Holy Week at Katie's house to dog sit, because she and Sam were in NYC. They had a good time. I always love to watch Giada.

I'll post my photos later. They're already uploaded and edited, but I'm posting from my tablet. I did a doll photo shoot, and I did a Christmas project that I want to show off. Plus the church looked pretty on Easter Sunday.

I had some good ebay business this month, so I may be buying Gabriela earlier than planned. Her mini doll is out in two weeks, so I might have both arrive at the same time! I'm very tempted by Z after seeing her collection (she's out next week), but Gabi comes first!
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2017-04-08 08:41 pm
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Movie day!

I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday. I was a little worried about how it would be, because the animated film is one of my favorite movies of all time. I shouldn't have worried. It was beautifully done, and Emma Watson was just lovely as Belle. The original songs were intact (and yes, Emma can sing), and some new music was added. The set design and costumes were great, and the CGI Beast and objects/furniture were life like. There was a little more backstory about Belle added, and really made her character more real. And Gaston was an even bigger asshole than in the original!