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An attack in London last night. Van plowed into crowds on London Bridge, seven killed, and the three terrorists were shot dead by police. This the way it's going to be, smaller random attacks.

I'm appalled by Trump's response to the attack. Instead of offering condolences to the people, he immediately insulted London's mayor  (who happens to be Muslim) and continuing to call for his Muslim travel ban. It's interesting that Britain is responding to the attack with relative calm and grace. No mass panic or screams for all Muslims to be thrown out of the country  (except for a few nutjobs). Just going about their business, drinking their tea, and telling the terrorists to sod off. Do not mistake their grief and calm demeanor for a lack of resolve. Their police are doing their jobs and the public is being vigilant. Keep Calm and Carry On, and STOP KILLING PEOPLE YOU FUCKING TWATS. 

London Bridge is NOT falling down. 

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