May. 4th, 2017

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So, it looks like British media is about to activate RATS- radio alert transmission system, or as it’s jokingly known, Royal about to snuff it. All Royal staff called to Buckingham Palace at 3 a.m., not usually good news. Rumors are flying that Prince Phillip is either dead or dying. He made an appearance today, but when you’re 95 and have had recent health problems, things can change in literally a heartbeat. So I won’t be surprised if my friends across the pond wake up to the “This is BBC News from London” special program (sorry, PROGRAMME, :p) interruption. The Palace doesn't release that kind of info until eight in the morning, so it will be the middle of the night for news here.

2017, please don’t take the Queen yet. I don’t think they’re ready!

Boy, am I having flashbacks to the death of Princess Diana. My uncle Chuck had died the day before, and my parents had driven out to Ohio for the funeral. They called to check in just as the news was breaking about Diana on MSNBC. I still don't remember why I was up so late that night, but I was glued to the screen.

ETA: Prince Phillip is NOT dead, he's just officially retiring from public life.


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